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Cultural Studies Reading List

Compiled by Laura Murray from many suggestions.

This following suggested reading list is fluid, no doubt askew, and manifestly full of holes. But it has a wealth of valuable material that covers many concepts and authors who are studied in the Cultural Studies core courses. It is a mix of recent work and classics. 

The Cultural Studies librarian, Sylvia Andrychuk, has also compiled a list of useful resources for Cultural Studies.

General Resources

During, Simon, ed. The Cultural Studies Reader, Third Edition (New York: Routledge 2007).

——. Cultural Studies: A Critical Introduction (2005). 

Jhally, Sut. Various videos/audio recordings in media studies 

Reed, T.V. Intro to popular culture studies with bibliographies at

Ryan, Michael, ed. Cultural Studies: An Anthology (2008).  

Williams, Raymond. Keywords (1976) — and Bennet, Tony, ed., The New Keywords (2005). 

Mirzoeff, Nicholas. An Introduction to Visual Culture (1999).  

20th Century Foundations

Adorno, Theodor and Max Horkheimer. "The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception" (1944).  

Anderson, Benedict. Imagined Communities (1983) 

Appadurai, Arjun. “Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy” (1990) 

Barthes, Roland. Mythologies (1957) 

Berger, John. Ways of Seeing (1972) 

Butler, Judith. Gender Trouble (1990) 

Clifford, James, and George Marcus, eds., Writing Culture: the Poetics and Politics of Ethnography (1986) 

Davis, Lennard J. Enforcing Normalcy: Disability, Deafness and the Body. (1995)

De Certeau, Michael. The Practice of Everyday Life  (1984)  

Fanon, Frantz. The Wretched of The Earth (1961)

Foucault, Michel. The History of Sexuality (1976-1984) 

Gilroy, Paul. The Black Atlantic: Modernity and the Double Consciousness (1993)  

Hall, Stuart. “Cultural Studies and its Theoretical Legacies” (1992) 

Hoggart, Richard. The Uses of Literacy (1957) 

Latour, Bruno. We Have Never Been Modern (1993)

Morrison, Toni. Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination (1993) 

Mulvey, Laura. “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” (1975)

Spivak, Gayatri. “Can the Subaltern Speak?” (1983)

Williams, Raymond. “Culture is ordinary” (1958) 

Wright, Handel K. “Dare we de-centre Birmingham?: Troubling the ‘origin’ and trajectories of cultural studies” (1998) 

21st Century Picks

Ahmed, Sara. The Promise of Happiness (2010) 

Asad, Talal. Formations of the Secular: Christianity, Islam, Modernity (2003) 

Baumgarten, Britta, Priska Daphi and Peter Ullrich, eds. Conceptualizing Culture in Social Movement Research (2014) 

Chapman, Owen B., and Kim Sawchuk. “Research-Creation: Intervention, Analysis and ‘Family Resemblances’” (2012) 

Kindon, S., Pain, R., & Kesby, M., eds. Participatory action research approaches and methods: Connecting people, participation and place (2007) 

Massumi, Brian. Ontopower: War, Powers, and the State of Perception (2015) 

Puar, Jasbir. Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times (2007) 

Rose, Gillian. Visual Methodologies (2001) 

Simpson, Audra. Mohawk Interruptus: Political Life Across the Borders of Settler States (2014) 

Simpson, Leanne. Dancing on our Turtle’s Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Re-Creation, Resurgence and a New Emergence (2011) 

Smith, Andrea. “Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy: Rethinking Women of Color Organizing” (2006) 

Sturgeon, Noël. Environmentalism in Popular Culture: Gender, Race, Sexuality, and the Politics of the Natural (2009) 

Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada Final Report (2015). See also the publications of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation:

Tuck, E., & Yang, W. “R-Words: Refusing Research.” (2014) See also online PDF  

Visweswaran, Kamala. Un/common Cultures: Racism and the Rearticulation of Cultural Difference (2010). 

Walcott, Rinaldo. Black Like Who? Writing Black Canada (2003)

Wynter, Sylvia. “Unsettling the Coloniality of Being/Power/Truth/Freedom: Towards the Human, After Man, Its Overrepresentation” (2003).


Consult the Cultural Studies journal list maintained by the Queen’s Library.