Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

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Recruitment Areas

Cultural Studies welcomes applications to its two year MA program and four year PhD program in a wide variety of research areas. We work with some 90 faculty from across the fine arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. In addition, faculty have indicated that they are particularly interested in recruiting new MA and PhD students in the following areas in the 2017-18 academic year.

African Studies

Chinese Studies

Critical Canadian Studies

Critical Race Studies

Curation and Museum Studies

Diaspora and Migration Studies

Environmental Humanities

Dance, Theatre and Performance

European Studies

Film and Visual Arts

Gender and Queer Theory

Health and Sport Studies

Indigenous Arts and Politics

International relations and the Economy of Culture

Law, Prison and Justice Studies

Latin and Hispanic Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Music and Sound Studies

Popular Cultures

Poverty & Welfare Politics

Québec Studies

Religion, Culture and Spirituality

Research Methodologies

South Asian Studies

Urban Studies