What is Cultural Studies?  

Cultural Studies is an emphatically interdisciplinary area of inquiry that draws from the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts. It asks practitioners to understand and contend with the paths, places, and people they come from, and to position themselves towards just and imaginative futures. 

Cultural Studies researchers investigate cultural processes and objects, technologies, economic and social relations, institutions and identities. The methods and modes of presentation of any given Cultural Studies project are developed to match its goals and to reach the audiences who need to hear it. Thus Cultural Studies scholars produce work in a variety of media and modes, from the monograph thesis to visual art projects, musical and theatrical productions, and community-engaged collaborations.

Established in 2009 and comprising over 100 distinguished faculty from over 20 disciplines, the Cultural Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Program at Queen's is committed to a diversity of students and faculty and to the global expertise that they bring to the cultural and academic fields. We are dedicated to centering antiracist, decolonial, Black, and Indigenous scholarship.  

MA students and PhD students take courses together in their first year at Queen's, sharing one core course, CUST 803, "Cultural Studies Past and Present," and otherwise choosing courses from other CUST courses or graduate courses in other departments. Students serve as Teaching Assistants for undergraduate courses across the Faculty of Arts & Science, from Art History to Film, Gender Studies to Sociology. They also have opportunities to be Research Assistants on grant-funded faculty projects in areas related to their research. Advanced PhD students often have the opportunity to teach a course of their own. Students participate in the consensus-run Cultural Studies Steering Committee and run "Undisciplined," an annual conference. When they graduate, our students have superior intellectual tools and practical skills that will last them a lifetime inside or outside of the university. Cultural Studies graduates work in galleries, non-profits, arts organizations, and universities across Canada and beyond.