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Angela Alberry

PhD Student

Cultural Studies

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If you had asked me some years ago if I saw myself working toward a PhD I may have just laughed it off. However, from my first day in a university setting I was hooked and never wanted to leave. St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB, showed me how much thoughtful conversation, intense arguments, and fantastic friendships can come from passion, a little hard-work, and ignoring the “disciplinary boundaries” people have placed between literature, political science, philosophy, and so much more. I continued these lessons through my MA at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. In the final year of my BA I wrote my thesis on Marcus Aurelius’ ‘Meditations’ and what it tells us is important to reflect on in our own lives. For my MA I threw Aristotle at J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ series to see how the virtues of the Houses hit and missed.

History, politics, philosophy, classic and modern literature: I love all of it and didn’t want to have to choose what to pursue. Then Cultural Studies came along and told me “Don’t” and here I am. This time my aim is to explore how modern media has siphoned off certain aspects of different cultures and, through community work on the world-wide-web, has made it something new. Or something old. Or maybe both. The internet is a weird place but I hope to find out how stories told make it a familiar and different place that is worth trying to understand.