Kiki Athanassiadis

PhD Student

Cultural Studies

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I am a practicing artist, visual arts researcher and educator with an interest in social practice. My current research interests lie at the intersection of contemporary art and land-based practices. Those interests have brought me to Cultural Studies at Queen’s, to the research-creation stream, where I plan to use the creation of a working flower farm as a site for community-based art practices, workshops, and research into the intersection of art, agriculture, and cultural/social practice. That research will also look at the theoretical frameworks of agro-ecology and land-based social practices. My aim is to approach this project both as an artist and a farmer and engage with the emerging field that sits at the intersection of art and agriculture. I studied architecture at McGill and visual arts at Concordia and York universities where I focused on expanded print practices and print-based installation. I’m also the founder of Pollinator Farm (Windsor, ON).