Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

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Graduates from the Cultural Studies Program

MA Graduates (below)

PhD Graduates


The New Moon in Black Space: The Poetics of Ummah

Andre Basheir Thesis

Unbelonging and the Citizen-Other in Canada and France

Yasmine Djerbal Thesis

Aerial Captures: Extractivism and the Logistical Media of Air Travel in Postwar Canada

Sydney Hart Thesis

Military Grade: Maurice Tugwell, the Centre for Conflict Studies and Counterinsurgency on the Canadian Campus

Miles Howe Thesis

The Sixties Scoop: Decolonizing Practices, the State and Indigenous Grassroots Organizing

Natasha Stirrett Thesis
Curatorial Contestations: Challenging Institutional Modes of Inclusion in the Arts Through Curatorial Position(s) and Practice(s) Ellyn Walker Thesis


Continuities and Changes in Traditional Akan Environmental Preservation Practices

Daniel Asante Thesis

Becoming Pornography: White Women, Voyeuristic Surveillance, and Image-Based Sexual Abuse

Julia Chan Thesis

Genocide Culture: From Everyday Cultural Doxa and Ethnic Engineering to Genocide of Kurds in Iraq

Kaziwa Dylan


Colder Now: Surveillance as Contemporary Colonialism in Canada

Stefy McKnight Portfolio

BDSM and Women’s Gendered Embodiment: Other-Than-Sex Pleasure, Pain, and Power

Morgan Oddie Thesis
Unsettling Settlers' Colonial Privilege Through Performance: Movement, Sounds, Particpation, Play, Laughter. Phase One Lib Spry Project

Moving the Academy to Hip Hop Music: Repurposing Canadian Universities with Black Radical Traditions

Maya Stitski Thesis

The Religion of the Heart: Self, Solidarity, and the Sacred in Romantic Liberal Modernity

Galen Watts Thesis


Queer Muslims: Identity & Sexuality in the Contemporary World Mohamed Abdou Thesis

Du Pont's Wonder World of Chemistry: Corporate Culture as Public Culture in the Twentieth Century

Taylor Currie Thesis
From The East And West Indies To The Mother Country: The House of Daljinder Kaur And Out Of Left Field Sarindar Dhaliwal Project
Post-Islamism Redefined: A Genealogy of Political Islam in Iran Milad Dokhanchi Thesis

Between the Dreamtime and the GPS / The Metaphysics of Indigenous Mapping

Mimi Gellman Project

Expert Tattooing: The Development of a Profession in Canada, 1891-1986

Jamie Jelinski Thesis
Ethics and Participation in Art: Reading the Migration Library and other methods Lois Klassen Project
Is Daoism Green? Engaging Daoist Responses to Environmental Challenges in China Jennifer Lemche Thesis
The Order of Cybernetics: An Archaeology of User-Friendly Design Spencer Revoy Thesis

Not a Joke: Women's work and feminist laughter in stand-up comedy

Lindsay Rodgers Thesis
Nation, Race, and the Cultural Political Economy of Art for Social Change Philanthropy in Canada Adam Saifer Thesis
Becoming Superman: Interpolating Transsexuality into the Superman Narrative Daniel Vena Thesis
Talking Plant Amanda White Project


Towards a Cognitive Poetics of Puppetry Pia Banzhaf Thesis
Per/forming Memoration: Integrative Artistic Strategies for Unsettling From a White Settler Perspective Leah Decter Project
The Politics of Cultural Power: Canadian Participation at the Venice and São Paulo Biennials, 1951-1958 Elizabeth Diggon Thesis
Ininí Ádisókán (Man Stories): Masculinities Among the Mámíwininí (Algonquin People) Ian Fanning Thesis
A Preface to Perversion: Foucault, Archives, Evidence Steven Maynard Portfolio
Music Production and Cultural Entrepreneurship in today’s Havana: Elephants in the Room Freddy Monasterio-Barso Thesis
Unsettling Hegemonic Whiteness in Cultural Production: Praxis-based Approaches in Concert Dance Shawn Newman Project


Understanding the Impact of Surveillance and Security Measures on Canadian Muslim Men: A Mixed Methods Approach Tabasum Akseer Thesis
Restorying the Lives of Aboriginal People Connected with the Criminal Justice System Michael  Gauthier Project
Dispossession of Matrimonial Choice in Contemporary India: Examining the Link between Cross-region Marriages, Neoliberal Capitalism, and New Forms of Gender Subordination Reena Kukreja Thesis
Cultivating Autonomy from Empire: Exploring the Edges of Anarchism and Permaculture Nicholas Montgomery Project
Talkin' Back to Johnny Mac: Interrupting John A. Macdonald and Learning to Curate from an Indigenous Framework Erin Sutherland Project
Alliance Politics, Solidarity Praxis, Precarious Alliances: A Case of the Anti-Capitalist Muslims in Turkey Ayca Tomac Thesis
Constructing Magnificence and Its Discontents: Analysis of the Series Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil) Deniz Zorlu Thesis


Everyday Enchantments and Secular Magic in Montréal Ian Alexander Cuthbertson Thesis
Need To Be Adored Lisa Figge Major Project
Cultural Politics of Resilience in Kingston, Jamaica Meaghan Frauts Thesis
Unsettling Histories: Representation and Indigenous Creative Art Praxis in Official Indian Residential School Redress Lara Fullenwieder Thesis


Falling in Line: News Media and Public Health Response During the 2009 H1N1 Outbreak in Canada Shelley Aylesworth-Spink Thesis
Children’s rights and spaces: an ethnographic look at children’s rights in Punjab, India and Ontario, Canada. Jaspreet Bal Thesis
Auguries of Elegy: The Art and Ethics of Ecological Grieving Jessica Marion Barr Major Project
Cinema of Immanence: Mystical Philosophy in Experimental Media Mansoor Behnam Major Project
Roots and Routes: Cuban Cinemas of the Diaspora in the 21st Century Zaira Zarza Blanco Major Project
Beckoning Bodies, Making Subjects: Interactive and Immersive Technologies in Canadian Museums, 1967-2014 May Chew Thesis
Unsettling Hope: Settler Colonialism and Utopianism Karl Hardy
Repercussions: Indigenous New Media Art and Resurgent Civic Space Jessica Jacobson-Konefall Thesis
Performing ManChyna: Unmapping Promissory Exaltation, Multicultural Eugenics, and the New Whiteness (Or, “Call Me Dr. ManChyna”)  A.W Lee Major Project
Unikkaaqtuat: Traditional Inuit Stories Noel K. McDermott Major Project
Unsettling the Last Best West: Restorying Settler Imaginaries Barbara Meneley Project
Boredom, Overload, and the Crisis of Meaning in Late Modern Temporality Sharday Mosurinjohn Thesis
Journeys of the Body, Journeys of the Mind: Ectypal and Archetypal Studies of Cervantes’ The Trials of Persiles and Sigismunda Joanne Rotermundt-de la Parra Thesis


Inside and Outside Peace and Prosperity: Post-Conflict Cultural Spaces in Rwanda and Northern Ireland Jobb Arnold Thesis

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MA Graduates


Manufacturing Redemption: An analysis of brand responses to the killing of George Floyd

Paul Hanlon Thesis

Brief Exploration of American State Militarism and White Supremacy and its Relationship to Contemporary Non-State-Sanctioned White Supremacist Organizing in the US Military

Shoni Nerenberg Major Research Paper
Beyond “Deserving”: An Examination of the Regulatory Function of Deservedness Pre and Post Covid-19 Isabelle Semmelhack Major Research Paper


Chinese-Canadian relations: Highlighting the Unifying Past, Tense Present, and Uncertain Yet Hopeful Future (From an Insider’s Perspective)

Usman Ahmed

Research Paper

The Master Plan: Power, Design and the Making of a Place.

Danae Elon Thesis
Transposing Resonance: Towards an Embodied Poetics of Music Megan LaPierre Major Research Paper
A Rose in the Forgotten Paradise Lea Mauas Thesis

(Re)Framing Resistance: The Role of Indigenous Comic Books in the Past, Present, and Future

Lauren Paparousis Thesis
Siding with the Bad Guys: Villainous Protagonists in Crime Media Isabel Whitehead Major Research Paper


Bien Orgullosx: Communicating narratives of pride from youth in EI Alto. Alejandro Bascope Alipaz Major Project
Tracing Incense: The Affective Power of Objects Emma Bass Thesis

One Bad Board Away from Bankruptcy: Housing Co-operatives, Self-Management, and the Landlord–Tenant Relationship 

Joshua Hawley Thesis

Defiance, Reclamation, and a Call to Mino Bimaadiziwin/ The Good Life
 Through Ceremonial Performance Praxis 

Lisa Ravensbergen Thesis
How to Stay Connected in an 'Offline' Country? Stories of Cubans' Internet Experience Xenia Reloba de la Cruz Thesis
Distinguishing Ritual from Theatre Dana Sidebottom Thesis
Hays Gone By: The Proto-Feminism of Pre-Code Hollywood and the Films of Mae West Daniel Simpson Thesis
"A New Race, Invincible and Vast': An Exploration of the National Socialist Thingspiel Das Frankenburger Würfelspiel’s Attempts to Create Community Rachel Wyatt Thesis


Moved by Love: The Experiences of Mexican Women Who Migrated to Canada for a Romantic Relationship Natalia Equihua Bracho Thesis

Neither Wild nor Domesticated: Positioning Liminal Animals through Labour Rights

Daphne Brouwer Major Research Project

Borderline Cinema

Priscila de Oliveira Falcao Thesis
Selling Canada: How "Branded Nationalism" Has Shaped the Nation Lauren Jaques Major Research Paper
The illusion of Inclusion for Children with Invisible Disabilities in Ontario Public Schools Nichol Kaiser Thesis
The Trans Tipping Point : Assessing Contemporary Transgender Visibility in Alternative and Mainstream Media Emma Konst Thesis
Only Yesterday and the Transnational Power of Anime Michelle O'Halloran Thesis
Staying a Woman, Becoming a Patient; Experiences of Breast Cancer, Gender and Identity in Neoliberal Turkey Gözde Öncil Thesis
Gay By The Bay: Feeling Queer, Feeling Newfoundland

Ky Pearce

Protesting after the Fall: An analysis of how Qualitative and Participatory Action Research methods can support a deeper understanding of the student protest movement at UKZN. Sylvie St-Jacques Minor Project


American Islam X Adil Ahmed Thesis
From the Yonge Street Riot to the Carding Controversy: Policing and Surveilling the Black Community in Toronto, Canada, 1992-2016 Maria Kyres Thesis
Deadpool Playing Myth: An Analysis of the "Secondary Narrative" in Deadpool's Promotional Images Chengcheng Ma Research Paper
Beyond "The Henry Report": Racism and Diversity Practices at Queen's University Julie Blakey Thesis
"It's a Practice, Not a Performance": Unraveling the Atomized Self and Becoming Nomadic Through Ashtanga Yoga Andrea Ried Thesis
From the Inside Out: Discussing Women's Empowerment with the Women's Studies Department at the University of Calicut Victoria Sicilia Thesis
Queering the Rural in Contemporary Argentine Cinema: Taekwondo, Esteros, and Como Una Novia Sin sexo Kristen Cochrane Thesis


Decolonizing Pedagogies: Interrupting the Settler Colonial Narrative of Landownership in Ontario Social Science and History Curriculum Kala Bechard Research Paper
Dumpcano: Waste Management and Environmental Justice in Iqaluit Jessica Davey-Quantick Thesis
"Serve Canada with Men Like These": Masculinity, "Peacekeeping," and National Identity in Cold War Canada, 1956-1959 Bronwyn Jaques Research Paper
Towards an Ecological Pedagogy: Body Movement for Ecological Consciousness Junyu Ke Research Paper
Leveraging New Media Towards Positive Body Image Katherine Kopiak Thesis
Understanding Online Abuse: An Analysis of Abuse Against Women Content Creators Nicole MacDougall Thesis
(Re)Imagining Relationality: Brad Isaacs and The Map of the Empire Carina Magazzeni Thesis
Organic Surveillance: Security and Myth in the Rural Stéfy McKnight Minor Project
#DressCodePM & Re-Framing The Niqab: News Sources, Hashtag Activism, and Media Representation Dalia Thamin Thesis
Knot/Knotting Practice in Craft and Space Andrew Rabyniuk Thesis
The Personal Politics of Spirituality: On the Lived Relationship Between Contemporary Spirituality and Social Justice Among Canadian Millennials Galen Watts Thesis
Performing Pedagogies and Exploring Embodied Knowledge as Curatorial Investigation Shalon Webber-Heffernan Thesis


Curating Resistance, Resisting Curation: The possibilities and limitations of objects in institutions Pansee H. Abou El Atta Thesis
Why Stay: Young Independent Filmmakers in Contemporary Havana Jessica Burgess Thesis
Visual Entrapment in Colonial Discourse: Perpetuation of New Racism through Forms of Stereotyped Bodies in Food Products Logos Elena Cecchetto Research Paper
Examining Pakistani Identities in Non-Western Cinema in the Post 9/11 Landscape Filza Naveed Thesis
A Trauma of Two Mothers: How to Make Art With Marshamllow Lorinda Peterson Thesis
“A Shimmer in Depth”: Farming, Memory, and the Domestic Rural Aerial Lisa Pietersma Research Paper
A Prisoners’ Project in Emergent Ethics Karen Raddon Thesis


Precarious Life, Work and Culture Craig Berggold Thesis
A Free-Agent of Embodied Subject Paul Ebbs Thesis
Decolonizing Anarchism: Expanding Anarcha-Indigenism In Theory And Practice Adam Lewis Thesis
Can the Baul Speak? Development Hegemony and Baul cultural production in West Bengal Smita Mitra Research Paper
Wooing the Domestic Audience: Recent Trends in Contemporary Taiwan Cinema Christine Shu Minor Project
AIDS, Citizenship & Multiculturalism: An Analysis of Canadian HIV/AIDS Media Discourses and Representations Emily Tamfo Research Paper
From Swimming to Singing: Life after High Performance Sport – Exploring the Embodied Experience of a Female in Sport and Music Jennifer Turner Research Paper


What Elders Want: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis of Elders' Views on Interactions with their General Practitioners Nicole Bedford Thesis
Radio, What’s New? Exploring the Meaning of Web-Based Radio in Canada Julie Bourassa Research Paper
Islamic Governmentality –Was Foucault wrong about Iran? Mohammad Dokhanchi Minor Project
The why now question: Egyptian revolution and the role of visual media (Aperture) Alia Elmasry Minor Project
Memorial Museums And Material Witnesses: Framing Objects As Witnesses To Trauma Amy Freier Thesis
Living Learning Space: Recognizing Public Pedagogy In A Small Town AIDS Service Organization Colin Hastings Thesis
Curatorial Analysis: Spoken Word Performance Through The Lens Of Narratology, Narrative-Making And Auto-Ethnography Raissa Killoran Thesis
Multiplicity in Cinema: Filmic Representations of South Asian Canadian Experiences Nafisa Murji Research Paper
Failure Theatre: An Artist's Statement Sarah Stanley Thesis


Screened Latinas: The Changing Stereotypes of Latinas in Modern American Television Gianna Aldrovandi Research Paper
“Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention”: Re-Thinking Muslim Religious Diasporic Identity Sara Aly Research Paper
The Portrayal of Vancouver's Chinatown as a Porous and Transgressive Contact Zone in Contemporary Chinese Canadian Fiction Zhi Lei Research Paper
“Where the Wild Things…Aren’t?” Cynthia Mykytyshyn Research Paper
Interrogating Sustainable Development: A Case Study Of Large-Scale Mining In Colombia Aida-Sofia Rivera-Sotelo Thesis
A Critique Of Critical Race Theory: A Textual Analysis Of The ‘Mr. Gaijin’ Mask Fumi Sakata Thesis
Terrance Houle And Adrian Stimson: Exploring Indigenous Masculinities Erin Sutherland Thesis
Babes, Booby Traps and Milk Banks: Healthism and the ontology of breastfeeding Victoria Millious Research Paper


Voluntourism: The Visual Economy Of International Volunteer Programs Ellyn Clost Thesis
The Last Triangle: Sex, Money And The Politics Of Pubic Hair Meredith Dault Thesis
Clarity And Cacophony In Canadian Literacy Discourse: New Directions For A National Literacy Policy Carissa Di Gangi Thesis
Overcoming A Culture Of Whiteness: Remaking Queen’s University As A First Nations Thirdspace Claire Grady-Smith Thesis
Place Marketing And Place Making: Toronto, Tourism, And The Fractured Gaze Nadia Franceschetti Thesis
Playing Soldier?: Combining Theatre And Theory To Explore The Experiences Of Women In The Military Ciara Murphy Thesis
Gender, Christianities, And Neo/Liberal Hegemony: An Ethnographic Exploration Of Gender Discourse In A United Church Women’s Group Sharday Mosurinjohn Thesis
Exhibiting Nationalism: Representations of Israel in the Permanent Exhibition of the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora Jessica Parker Research Paper


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