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Cultural Studies

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Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

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Current MA Students

As you’ll see from their bios below, Cultural Studies attracts a diverse group of students. Their scholarly work extends beyond the classroom, and into the world. Our students perform hands-on research in Argentina, China and Turkey, to name a few. They are artists who write plays, create works of art, curate museum spaces and use their artistic practices as their scholarship through research-creation. They win the highest academic accolades, including SSHRC, Fulbright and Vanier scholarships. They engage in community-based research, working with indigenous peoples, artists, students, prisoners and activist groups to bring about social transformation. Get to know a bit about them below!

​Meet Our 2018 Cohort
​Madeleine Boyes-Manseau
​Supervisor: Clarke Mackey
Bio: Hi there! My name is Mado and I am a theatre artist and creative producer from Ottawa. My work brings together my interests in creating participatory performance experiences in unconventional spaces as well as devising creative processes that are collaborative, interdisciplinary, and which engage the community. Some of my creative highlights include: an intergenerational outdoor theatrical adventure created and performed by 20 artists across disciplines, in-situ by and in the Ottawa River (Swan River); an installation and performance experience that shut down a downtown main street and brought together 120 Ottawans to share their true stories of change (Trophy); as well as a tryst/meditation on the ways in which we gaze experienced one on one, by invitation-only, in a closet (7 minutes in heaven).

My desire to pursue an MA in Cultural Studies at Queen’s comes from wanting to take a rigorous and critical look at my practice, specifically the ethical framework and considerations of community-engaged art making. I intend for my research to focus on how to foster creative relationships between artists and community that are truly mutual. I am interested in exploring ways in which the inevitable tensions between artistic aesthetic and community access are and can be integrated into and mined for opportunities within creative process. I am also very interested in developing language for my own work that is accessible and facilitates both the practice itself, as well as an understanding of the practice by both artist and community participants.

Beyond this – I am greatly looking forward to connecting with everyone who makes up the cultural studies program as well as the larger community of Queen’s and Kingston. I attended the Undisciplined Conference in March and was struck by how deeply I resonated with the questions being raised by this community of inquisitive folk.

Sheridan Carr
Supervisor: Lisa Guenther
Bio: I am a small town girl from just outside North Bay Ontario. I came to Queen’s for my undergrad in Philosophy to experience the feeling of a bigger town. I felt that a Masters in Cultural Studies would allow me the opportunity to apply the theories I have learned to make a difference in people’s lives. My research will be looking at inequalities under the law, specifically within the Justice System.
Antoine Devroede
​Co-Supervisors: Bob Martyn and Cynthia Levine-Rasky
Bio:  Originally from Montreal, Antoine completed a BA in Political Science at the Université du Québec à Montréal where he focused on International Relations. Later, he completed a certificate at the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris. This variety of academic experiences motivated him to become involved in international exchange programs through AIESEC, and he later interned in Haiti with a local Haitian NGO researching cassava production. Passionate about social justice, Antoine is fascinated by political expression in art and culture. 
Research Interests: Fascism, postcolonialism, conflict reconciliation, critical race theory, LGBT studies, and theories of power.
Tianna Edwards
Supervisor: Barrington Walker
Bio: Tianna Edwards grew up in Kingston, Ontario and moved away for 10 years to complete her post-secondary education and begin her career as a journalist. She currently works as the Officer of Direct Response Appeals in the Office of Advancement at Queen’s. She plans to complete her Masters in Cultural Studies, part time. She has a BA degree (Hons) in Media Studies as well as a diploma in Journalism from the University of Guelph Humber. Her undergrad thesis studied the misrepresentation of black culture through black media. Her research interests are race and space and representation. She plans to focus on Kingston’s inclusivity policies as they relate to cities of similar size and demographic. Tianna looks forward to challenging and expanding her ideologies through the creative collaborative efforts of the Cultural Studies program.
Danae Elon
Supervisor: Dorit Naaman
Megan LaPierre
Supervisor:  Colleen Renihan
Bio:  My name is Megan and I have just completed my BA at the University of Guelph, where I majored in English and double-minored in Music and Psychology. I went into my undergrad feeling like I needed to narrow my focus, but in time have grown to see my variety of interests as an asset. I was drawn to the Cultural Studies program at Queen’s because of its emphasis on interdisciplinarity and I am looking forward to getting to continue to explore multiple mutually-informing perspectives. My most recent research has led me to examine musical representation and musicality in literature, as well as musical intertextuality, and how these intersections influence affective response. I am very excited to meet you all in the fall!
Lea Mauas
Supervisor: Dorit Naaman
Bio: I was born in Buenos Aires, and have been living and working in Jerusalem since 2000 . I have developed an artistic practice of more than 15 years, together with my partner, Diego Rotman and under the name Sala-Manca. We have worked in the fields of visual art and performance, published an art journal, catalogues, Video Art and Sound Art compilation, books, and curated many exhibitions and contemporary site-specific art events. We co-founded the artist-run Mamuta Art and Research Center in 2009, which have been running it ever since. My work is characterized by an intensive engagement with the time and place I live and work in and by the intersection between aesthetics, poetics, and politics.   In the framework of the Masters of Cultural Studies I would like to deal with concepts of home, nomadism, locality, and exile in relation to art discourse and art platforms. 
Lauren Paparousis
​Supervisor: Karine Bertrand
Bio: My name is Lauren Paparousis, I’m from Richmond Hill, and I just finished my undergrad at Western University in International Relations. Throughout my undergrad I became really interested in studying popular culture, specifically music and comic books, and I was drawn to Cultural Studies because I hope it will allow my to explore popular cultures more fully without being confined to a single discipline. Looking forward to meeting all of you in the fall!
Vanesa Runions
Supervisor: Jeff Brison
Colin Simonds
Colin Simonds
Supervisor: Ellen Goldberg
Bio and Research Interests: Colin recently completed an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies at Queen’s University. For his Masters, he seeks to look at the intersection of contemplative traditions and environmentalism. Specifically, he seeks to understand how an individual’s contemplative practice informs their views on the environment and whether these practices have the capacity to foster ecofriendly lifestyles. His other research interests include Buddhism, mysticism, deep ecology, entheogens, literature, and 20th century counterculture.
Isabel Whitehead
​Supervisor: Gary Kibbins
Bio: My name is Isabel and I will be moving from Toronto to join the Cultural Studies MA program. I recently completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, with a major in Cinema Studies and double minor in Sexual Diversity Studies and English. My research is film-focused, examining the relationship that stardom and sexuality play in audience identification. I greatly look forward to meeting everyone this September at Queen’s!
​Meet Our 2017 Cohort
​Lubna Alarda
Supervisor: Dorit Naaman
Bio: My name is Lubna, I was born and raised in one of the most politically complicated areas in the world “Palestine”.  I was always interested in Arts and Culture and how these elements helped in creating and defining the collective identity of such a strong community in the Middle East. I studied literature, sociology, drama and music; I also worked as a writer and a translator for different cultural organizations and events. My attempt in this program is to investigate more about the representations of the collective identity in the cultural productions in the Middle East. 
Alejandro Bascope Alizpaz
Alejandro Bascope Alipaz
Supervisor: Jennifer Hosek
Bio and Research Interests: My name is Ale. I have an undergrad in psychology and I’m currently enrolled in the Cultural Studies MA program.  I am interested in understanding how identity is constructed, how culture is both a huge factor in this process but also a product of it, why is there a need for an “other” from which we can differentiate ourselves, and how in constructing this “other” we establish how we “want” to relate to it. I’m also very interested in challenging all the preconceived notions integrated in what I just mentioned. The focus of my research will be Indigenous cultural identity in Bolivia, where I’m originally from, and I hope plunging into this project will help me in this journey of learning.
Faith Chipman
Faith Chipman
Supervisor: Emily Hill
Bio and Research Interests: Originally from Toronto, Faith has made Queen’s her home for the last 4 years. Completing her undergraduate Degree in Global Development Studies with a certificate in International studies, Faith is now continuing on as a Gael into her graduate career as a Masters student. Her intended area of study is in the disparities in access to quality education between urban and rural citizens due to regional and cultural divisions. More specifically, Faith is interested in looking at the current issues surrounding the Chinese Hukou, a controversial system of household registration required by law in Taiwan and China which divides regionally the ability of where one can live as well as their access to quality social services, primarily education. In her third year of her undergraduate degree, Faith embarked on a research practicum at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Here she discovered the multi-faceted issues surrounding the cultural and structural constraints that the Hukou system presents to rural and migrant populations and their ability to access quality education and thus a bright future. Through her strong belief in education as key to eliminating poverty and inequality, Faith hopes to continue to delve deeper into this topic through her research.
Emily Harmsen
Emily Harmsen
Supervisor: Claire Davies
Bio and Research Interests: Emily graduated from the Fashion Design program at Ryerson University and has been working at Queen's on the Education & Collaboration Technologies team within ITS for the last few years. Her intended area of study for her masters includes researching universal, inclusive, accessible and sustainable design methods. She is interested in developing a design framework that merges aspects of accessible and sustainable design theories. Emily is also interested in examining the successes and failures of modifications made to existing designs and the stigmas that can exist in relation to the use of inclusively designed material items within mass markets.
Rebecca Marquez
Supervisor: Norman Vorano
Lisa Ravensbergen
Supervisor: Dylan Robinson
Xenia Reloba de la Cruz
Xenia Reloba de la Cruz
Supervisors: Susan Lord and Karen Dubinsky
Bio and Research Interests: Xenia completed her undergraduated degree at University of Havana, Cuba, in 1994, majoring in Journalism and showing a deep interest in socio-cultural aspects of her country´s contemporary history. Her approach search for alternative narratives in a context where official information has been pretty far of everyday Cuban realities. In a period of socio-economic changes, it has emerged a group of new independent media that exist and survive on a gray legal area. Her intention is to deeper delve into the strategies created and used by Cubans to stay updated and informed, despite their limited access to Internet, as well as the growing of an alternative system of media and its real impact in the Cuban quotidian.
Joseph Ryan
Supervisor: Dorit Naaman
​Bio: Joseph’s research focuses on how race and identity impact day-to-day life for residents in small town Ontario. His own experience growing up in small towns across Ontario is part of why he wants to return to them as both an academic and a filmmaker. He graduated with BA in History from Carleton University in 2015 where he made short films in the classroom, for the student newspaper and with friends. After graduating, he co-hosted the community radio show The National Hum, which highlighted emerging Canadian musicians as well as social justices issues in Ottawa. Through his research at Queen’s Joseph will continue to explore his passion social justice and art.
Meet Our 2016 Cohort​
Emma Bass

Emma Bass
Supervisor: James Miller
Bio: Emma Bass received her BA in Religious Studies and International Relations from Mount Allison University. Her research interests include studying the material culture of Buddhist practice in order to understand the relationship between practice and theory and the blurred lines between sacred and secular in religion places and spaces. 

Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley
Supervisor: Richard Day
Bio: My MA research is on housing co-operatives as an alternative to the capitalist housing machine through resident-led horizontal organizing.
Research interests: Decommodified housing; direct democracy; poverty; urban land trusts.

Dana Sidebottom
Supervisor: Craig Walker
Bio: Dana Sidebottom is a Winnipeg native who graduated from Queen's in 2010 with a degree in Drama and Religious Studies. She has returned to Kingston with three cats and two best friends in tow, and plans to study the willing suspension of disbelief in religious ritual and religious transcendence in theatrical ritual. She thinks that one day she might want to be a professor, but she's given up trying to predict where life will take her, as she is almost never right. She is very excited to have once again escaped the barren wasteland that is prairie winter to live on the lake. In her spare time, Dana enjoys board games, swimming, reading fantasy novels, and training in Krav Maga. She has also been known to play the odd video game and write lyrics and vocals with her songwriting team, Maestro and the Muse. She is learning ASL and Spanish. Baking and crocheting fill the remainder of her spare time, and she runs a small custom crochet company with her best friend and roommate called So Yarn Cute Crochet. 

Rachel Wyatt

Rachel Wyatt
Bio: Originally from Brantford, Ontario, Rachel holds a Bachelors of Arts and Business from the University of Waterloo, studying the Holocaust and theatre. Rachel has been an avid theatre artist since starting her own production company at 17; she also helped co-found the Left of Centre Theatre Festival in Brantford, Ontario. During her undergrad, she became fascinated by the intersection of performance and politics, particularly the use of theatre as propaganda in the Third Reich. She recently worked for a human right organization producing a touring theatre production of The Diary of Anne Frank, to teach school ages students about the impacts of prejudice and racism. She is interested in how representations of history impact people.
Research Interests: Political theatre; Holocaust; Nazi Germany; propaganda; representations of history

Meet Our 2015 Cohort​

Usman Ahmed
Supervisor: Emily Hill

Jordan Toohey Carignan