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Global Development Studies Department Student Council

The Global Development Studies Department Student Council (DSC) is one of the most active and involved student councils on campus. DEVS Globe

Organizing social events with students and professors, raising funds, and acting as the students’ representatives, the DEVS DSC attracts a dynamic and full of life group of individuals.


What We Do

Buddy Program

Buddy Program

The DEVS Buddy Program is a program created by the DSC with the goal of connecting DEVS students to each other. Our Lower-Year Buddy Program connects first and second year students interested in global development with upper year DEVS students. The Upper-Year Buddy Program connects third and fourth years with Buddies who are in similar classes.

Buddies are there to help connect incoming students with all DEVS related aspects on campus, as well as in Kingston. This can be in the form of clubs and events such as speaker series, conferences, and other similar events. Buddies also provide a source of upper-year knowledge for any other questions first years might have about life at university. Buddies are there to help answer any questions regarding moving forward in first years’ academic career, whether or not they are hoping to continue studying DEVS.

Study Sessions

Need some extra help with DEVS classes before an exam or quiz? The DSC has got your back!  DEVS students can drop by the DEVS lounge during specified times to chat with our friendly and approachable Community Outreach coordinator.

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Student-Faculty Socials

DEVS DSC 2018-2019


Get Involved


Photography Contest (October 2018)

Slogan Contest (November 2018)

DEVS Lounge

Can’t find a place to study on campus? MacCorry B412 is a space on campus completely dedicated to DEVS students! There are tables and couches available for studying and relaxing every Monday to Friday.

Meet The 2018-19 Team!


Co-Presidents: Sanjana Rahman & Jana Walkowski

Student Council Executive Assistant:  Alysha Sarkar

Student Council Logistics Coordinator:  Alicea Yiu

Community Outreach Coordinators:  Melody Wise and Lauren Di Felice

Student Council Alumni & Academics Assistant:  Danica Davies

Academic Relations and Resources Coordinators:  Erika Miller, Audrey Guerout, Jason Shamatutu, and Sarah Tenus

Finance Manager: Tess Wittmann

Fundraising Coordinator:  Alia Riza

International Resource and Intern:  Chloe Hu

Buddy Programme Coordinators:  Claire Desroche and Erin Stewart

First-Year Representatives:  Landon Pollock and Jyllian Kaliciak

Marketing Managers:  Brittany Bottan and Angela Feng

Events Managers:  Zoe Hughes Waldick and Catherine Despatie

DEVS Calendar Manager:  Jasmine Tormidah

2019-2020 Executive Team Hiring

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DEVS Events Calendar

Click the link to stay up to date on various events happening within the DEVS community or to see what is planned!

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