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Global Development Studies Department Student Council

The Global Development Studies Department Student Council (DSC) is one of the most active and involved student councils on campus. Organizing social events with students and professors, raising funds, and acting as the students’ representatives, the DEVS DSC attracts a dynamic and full of life group of individuals.

DSC 2016-2017 Group Photo

What We Do - Annual activities and Responsibilities

  • Department socials with students and the faculty
  • Buddy System Program:  First-year DEVS students are paired with one or two upper-year students (mentorship program)
  • Bi-Weekly Study sessions for DEVS 100 and certain second year courses
  • Workshops with other clubs or communities
  • Speaker Series
  • Fundraisers

Below is a quick summary of some of the activities the DEVS DSC has organized in previous semesters.

Outreach workshops:

On November 22nd 2016, the DEVS DSC presented its first ever-interactive workshop on the topic of Health, Wellbeing, and Indigeneity. This workshop featured a number of professional speakers including Laura Maracle and Mary Ann Spencer from the Queen’s Four Directions Aboriginal Center, and Midge Rouse and Nelson Alisappi from Hotel Dieu. The audience was able to gain insight through the lived experiences and exercises into the health and wellbeing of indigenous communities in Canada.

Buddy Program:

The DEVS Buddy Program is a new program created by the DSC with the goal to connect first year students interested in global development with upper year DEVS students. Buddies are there to help connect incoming students with all DEVS related aspects on campus, as well as in Kingston. This can be in the form of clubs and events such as speaker series, conferences, and other similar events. Buddies also provide a source of upper-year knowledge for any other questions first years might have about life at university. Buddies are there to help answer any questions regarding moving forward in first years’ academic career, whether or not they are hoping to continue studying DEVS in their undergrad.


In the fall semester of the 2017-18 academic year, the DEVS DSC hosted a Halloween movie night to bring together students from various faculties for a night of laughs and hot chocolate.

The DSC is kicking off the 2018 winter semester with a beginner’s level Yoga class, taught by a certified Yoga instructor to give students the opportunity to learn basic yoga and relaxation techniques, with the goal of encouraging mindfulness and self-care to be top priorities throughout the semester.

The DEVS DSC also hosts occasional events where students and professors can mingle and interact in a non-academic setting, such as enjoying pizza together in the DEVS lounge or trivia night.

DEVS 100 Study Sessions:

The DSC hosts study sessions for anyone looking to get help with DEVS 100 content before midterms, exams or important assignments are due. During the study sessions, which are led by our two Academic Relations Coordinators, we work as a team to answer any questions people may have about lectures and/or readings to best get students ready for their assessments and assignments.

These study sessions are also occasionally hosted for upper-year DEVS classes when the DSC feels there is a need to bring students together to tackle difficult content. As the DSC consists of students from various years, we are always well informed about the difficulties people might be facing in some of the courses.

DEVS Drop-In Sessions:

This academic year the DEVS DSC has launched a new initiative where DEVS students can drop by the DEVS lounge during specified times to chat with our friendly and approachable Community Outreach coordinator.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to any of us if you have questions about the DSC or the DEVS program in general. We promise we are friendly, approachable and always willing to help you out.

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