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What Can I do with a DEVS degree?

DEVS students in the mixing studio
Global Development Studies students find career success in a variety of fields in Canada and internationally. Dev Aransevia Artsci'17, pictured above, is currently a Graduate Fellow with the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

A degree in Global Development Studies opens up a wide range of career choices and options for further study. As a globally oriented and interdisciplinary program, DEVS gives students a comprehensive view of the driving forces of social, economic and environmental change across our increasingly interconnected planet. Our curriculum is unique and connects the ‘big-picture’ dynamics of a fast-evolving world with problem-solving approaches to many issues such as climate change, inequality, gender parity and empowerment.  Work placements offer further career opportunities to network internationally and gain hands on work experience in development.

A DEVS degree will help you learn skills which are in high demand in the job market . Students develop strong communication skills as well as the ability to think critically and problem solve. Conceptual and research skills help students to compile and analyse data using an interdisciplinary lens. Some of the other skills you will gain expertise in are in areas such as:

  • Cross cultural communication and intercultural awareness
  • Community engagement
  • Time management and the ability to work within conflicting deadlines 
  • Creativity
  • Self-reflexivity

    Our alumni are working throughout the world and across Canada.  Many choose to work with development agencies such as Global Affairs Canada and Amnesty International, or with United Nations bodies. Some are involved in government policy making. Others have gone into journalism, television and documentary film making. A number of graduates have become teachers in Canada and abroad, and many have completed professional degrees in law or business. Some have continued their studies and are now professors themselves. Several students have started their own non-profit development agencies and many are working in the private sector in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

    Our alumni currently work within a wide range of professions across Canada and throughout the world:  

    • The development field, including in international agencies such as Global Affairs Canada, Amnesty International or with United Nations bodies. Several graduating students have started their own non-profit development agencies.
    • Within governments and policy-making, both at the provincial and federal levels in Canada and internationally. Our students develop skills that help them become valued contributors to public policy. 
    • Within journalism, television and documentary film making. DEVS students combine their global perspective with cultural production in cutting edge ways.
    • As teachers, researchers and educators, both in Canada and abroad. A number of our former students are now professors themselves, while others are involved in grassroots education initiatives.
    • In the private sector in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Many students move into the field of business, either directly or after further professional training.
    • In the legal sector, with many former students advancing to complete professional degrees in law and becoming lawyers with strong international focus. 

    For more information on career paths that Global Development Studies students have taken in the past, view the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID) website or review the Career Paths of IDS Graduates in Canada report below.

    Career Paths of IDS Graduates Report (PDF, 1.8 MB)