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DEVS Plan Entry Requirements 2020-2021

Message from Dr. Marcus Taylor

Dear Students,

I very much hope that this finds you well and safe in these turbulent times. I’m so sorry that you’ve experienced such a disruptive end to the term. Normally the end of term is a time to celebrate hard work put in throughout the year. I’m very sorry that current circumstances do not allow collective celebration in the same way as previous years. I do hope you are able nonetheless to be with close friends and family, either in person or through the virtual communication tools that are becoming increasingly present in our daily lives.

The end of term also brings up the process of Plan Selection where you will choose the next steps in your Queen’s career. I hope you will closely consider our DEVS Major, Medial and Minor plans among your many choices. The regrettable events that are transforming the world around us demonstrate the great importance of an interdisciplinary and global perspective. I believe that our programmes offer a compelling mix of dynamic courses, applied skill-building and experiential learning opportunities for all of us who want to transform our societies for the better in the years ahead.

More practically, DEVS offers a wide portfolio of both on-campus and online courses. Put simply, most of our second-year courses - DEVS 220, 221, 240, 260, and 280 - are available online alongside their on–campus versions. This unique flexibility will greatly increase the options for all DEVS students as they plan their semesters for the next academic year.

Further to a video that I produced for you explaining the DEVS Plan and entry requirements, we have put together this short FAQ. If you have further questions feel free to email us at

Dr. Marcus Taylor,

Department Head and Undergraduate Chair

The Impact of Passing Grades on DEVS Plan Selection

Please note that each department may treat P grades differently for Plan Selection purposes so make sure to check in with each department whose Plans you are considering. What one department does might be quite different from the others!

Here in DEVS, automatic admission into any of the DEVS Honours plans requires a letter grade in DEVS 100. Thus, if you are considering a DEVS Major, Medial, or Minor plan and wish to have automatic entry, you must retain your letter grade. For automatic admission into the DEVS Major or Medial plans, students must have a “B-” or higher in DEVS 100 and a cumulative GPA requirement of 2.8 or higher. For automatic admission into the DEVS Minor, you need a B- or higher in DEVS 100 and a cumulative GPA requirement of 2.5 or higher.

If you do choose the “P” option for DEVS 100, you can still get into DEVS! It simply means that your application will move onto the pending list so that we can look more closely at your first-year achievements. The Undergraduate Assistant and myself will go through the pending list files one by one, accepting applications until we reach our enrolment targets. Every year we admit lots of applications from the pending list into DEVS, and this year will be no exception!

What are the Pass, Drop and Letter Grade options?

Given the unprecedented circumstances that accompanied the end of term, the University introduced a set of contingency measures to help students who have experienced major disruptions over the past few weeks. With the new changes, students will have an option when it comes to their final grades for courses taken this semester (including full-year courses):

Students may keep the letter grade that they receive

Students passing a course may change their grade to be a “Pass” (P) rather than having a letter grade

Students may choose to drop a course without academic penalty.  The option to drop will be available immediately, and this is something you can do yourself in SOLUS. The course will be removed entirely from your transcript.

Note: once grades are posted, students can only drop a course if they fail. If they receive a passing grade, this course can no longer be dropped but it can be changed to a “P”.

The option to change a passing grade into a P will take effect in early May, i.e. after the final course grades are posted. Students will not need to make an academic appeal to change a grade to P.  Rather, the Faculty of Arts and Science will be in touch with students as May approaches with instructions on how to make this change. Needless to say, students may also keep their final letter grade.

Please note that although a “P” has no weight in the GPA, the units earned will still count as units towards your degree. Both the “P” and “Drop” options will be available until May 20, 2020. As noted by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, we strongly encourage students to take time to consider these options carefully. In addition to what is detailed below about Plan Selection, students may need letter grades for some merit-based scholarships and awards later in their academic careers.

Does a “P” count towards my GPA?

Although a “P” has no weight in the GPA, although the units earned will still count as units towards your degree.

If you have further questions about this process, don’t hesitate to get in touch: and a reminder to check out the DEVS video about plan selection:

Some General FAQs

Is financial support available?

Queen’s has made funds available through bursaries to assist financially with COVID-19 related extenuating circumstances. Please see here for more information: 

The Government of Canada also has some financial supports available. Information can be found here: 

Is there information related to health available?

Queen’s has various remote resources available for support:

Mental health appointments are available remotely via Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) for students who need to speak to a counsellor. For general counselling inquiries, email

Medical appointments are available remotely (phone and online) for some requests. For general health inquiries, email

Health–Lifestyle appointments are available remotely for students who want help changing a health behaviour. For general inquiries, email

Empower Me is a 24/7 phone service for crisis situations and scheduled sessions that allows students to connect with qualified counsellors, consultants, and life coaches for a variety of issues. 1-844-741-6389 You can also log in to the Empower Me website and use "Studentcare" as the password or download additional Empower Me student assistance tools on the iAspiria mobile app. Enter "Studentcare" as the Login ID and select "Student" in the drop-down menu.

Good 2 Talk for post-secondary mental health support - call1-866-925-5454, available 24/7 or text GOOD2TALKON/ALLOJECOUTEON to 686868