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DEVS Professor Dr. David McDonald announces new website for his ongoing research project, the Municipal Services Project

We are delighted to announce a new website for the Municipal Services Project (MSP) - 

This is the third version of our website since the MSP’s inception in 2000. Since that time more than 300 people have been involved in MSP-related activities in over 50 countries. The results (thus far) are 18 books, dozens of journal articles and policy papers, numerous conferences, and a variety of multimedia material, much of which is available in multiple languages and most of which is free for downloading.

Our goal is to explore progressive forms of public services around the world, with a focus on equity, sustainability and democratic engagement. We connect with policy makers, activists, community groups, labour unions and academics with the aim of expanding global action and dialogue on ‘pro-public’ service delivery options.

Please take a moment to explore the website and let us know if you see any errors or missing information. We’d love to hear what you think.