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Kyela De WeerdtDEVS student Kyela De Weerdt has been named to the Board of Directors of Engineers Without Borders Canada. Within the Queen’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders Canada, Kyela established a Research & Development portfolio to explore the application of development theory and change models to the affairs of the chapter. As vice-president, she designed and facilitated workshops and meetings while overseeing a diverse set of portfolios. She takes pride in having created a chapter culture where personal development and critical engagement are at the forefront of the many projects and events organized. Kyela will graduate with a BA (Hons) in DEVS in April of 2017. 

Kyela has also experienced the challenges and complexities embedded in the work of an overseas fellow. During her time in Kenya as Junior Fellow for LishaBora, she designed and implemented a baseline data collection strategy used for product development and investor reporting. She volunteers for Mining Shared Value and has been involved with the Engineering Change Lab, co-designing and facilitating the student parallel programming at the latest Lab in Ottawa in October 2016.

Engineers Without Borders Canada strives to unlock human potential globally—collaborating with innovators across boundaries, consolidating our similarities, and learning from our differences. This enables people to contribute individually and as a collective, and to challenge the national and global policies, systems and institutions that contribute to the flawed status quo.Our vision is a world where everyone’s basic needs are met and where everyone can live to their full potential. Our mission is to catalyze changes that address the root causes of poverty and inequity by investing in people and ideas that will contribute to building an equitable and sustainable world. To learn more, visit the organization's website by clicking here.