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Leslie Doucet Global Development Studies Student's Fund:This fund was named in honour of DEVS alumni, and graduate student teaching assistant, Leslie Doucet, who died in October 2009. Leslie exemplified the spirit of experiential learning and community outreach as intended by the work-study placement. Additionally, as an Aboriginal person, Leslie strongly appreciated how DEVS made awareness of global indigeneity integral to its academic plan. Yet Leslie also understood that Queen’s could be an alienating environment for Aboriginal students and that DEVS, as a small department, was limited in its ability to support Aboriginal students or thesis-quality research into Aboriginal topics. This fund created in honor of her contributions to DEVS and to Queen’s more broadly, will help qualified students to undertake both experiential learning and Aboriginal studies research.

The Queen's Student Overseas Global Development Travel Fund: This fund was established to provide one or more travel stipends to deserving third or fourth year undergraduate students enrolled in Global Development Studies to assist in pursuing work study activities in a low income country, provided the country is not that of the applicant’s domicile, origin or citizenship. Primarily targeted toward making the DEVS 410/411* more accessible to more students, it thus promotes an increasing understanding of development issues and cross-cultural challenges through direct experiential learning.

DEVS Trust:This fund has been a long-term investment for unspecified contingencies. Within this fund several ongoing projects will be housed to support specific research projects linked to faculty members and their research networks.

This includes: Keith Goddard Fund For Studies in Sexuality and Social Justice: Keith was one of the founding members of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe and an inspiring figure in the development of a sexual minority rights movement in Africa in the mid-1990’s. Although he died in 2009, his vision lives on in the burgeoning field of sexuality and gender studies in Africa. This fund was created to support graduate student research that enriches our understanding of the connections between gender, sexuality, health, human rights, and development.

The Student Overseas Travel Fund (the Sonia Enjamio Award)  provides funds to help Canadian students study in Cuba and Cuban students study in Canada. For Canadian students, the fund provides a subsidy towards the program fee to participate in Devs 305 Cuban Culture and Society, which includes a two-week component in Havana. 

We are also building this award to assist Cuban students, particularly graduate students, who have been accepted to study at Queen's.

Sonia Enjamio (1945-2010) was a University of Havana historian.   She specialized in women's history, and the history of the Cuban Revolution She was one of the founders of the Queen's/University of Havana exchange, and visited Queen's and Canada several times.

Through the Queen's/University of Havana exchange, hundreds of Queen's students have had the opportunity to learn, question and broaden their horizons by visiting Havana. We are committed to expanding this fund to help Cuban students come to Queen's for a study period as well. The Student Overseas Travel Fund (the Sonia Enjamio fund embodies the sentiment that Sonia lived by: education, friendship and mutual respect across borders. Any donation, of any amount, is gratefully appreciated.  

To donate to the Student Overseas Travel Fund (the Sonia Enjamio fund), please press HERE

Your contribution to any of these funds will help students who would otherwise be unable to participate in work-study opportunities due to financial constraints. Financial stress is further compounded by the fact that the period for work-study placements is typically during the spring/summer months when students work to pay for their education. As tuition, accommodation, books and other costs of university education rise, work-study placements become a cost beyond the reach of many.

As DEVS Alumni, you know the importance of these work-study experiences for learning and career development. Many of you are now in important positions in governments, NGOs, universities, in the private sector and in civil society organizations. We are asking you to support future DEVS Alumni so that all students have an equal opportunity for a well-rounded education.

You can choose to make a one-time gift or you can contribute annually. Monthly giving options are available and if your place of employment has a matching fund you can specify that it be directed to this endeavour. Your contribution will make an enormous difference.

To make an online gift to this fund please visit the Queen’s Advancement office webpage designated for this fund Alternatively, you can send a cheque directly to the Advancement office at 99 University Ave. Queen’s University, Kingston ON, K7L 3N6. With this option please be sure to write the fund you wish to contribute to in the memo line.

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