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Colleen Davison

Assistant Professor
Department of Public Health Sciences

Phone:  613-533-6000 ext 79518

Carruthers Hall #203
Queen's University
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

Office hours:
Thursdays:  10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Research Interests

I am a Social Epidemiologist and Global Health Researcher who uses qualitative, quantitative and community-based methodologies to study child and adolescent health, child rights, health equity and systems approaches to health promotion particularly for vulnerable groups. My students and I use the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the CCGHR Principles of Global Health Research as guides when selecting and making research decisions. I currently have on-going, funded projects in Nunavut, Lebanon, Thailand and Mongolia.

Samples of Graduate and Undergraduate Student Research Projects Supervised
  1. Understanding the health and social experiences of children who do not live with their biological parents in Thailand (EPID 499)
  2. Child protection in the context of development (DEVS 502)
  3. Housing conditions and the experience of physical aggression in northern Canadian youth (EPID 499)
  4. Access to and use of family planning among Syrian refugee populations in Lebanon (MPH).
  5. The changing role of fathers in Mongolia and its influence on child health (MSc Epid).
  6. Maltreatment experienced by Haitian children before and after the 2010 earthquake (MSc Epid)
  7. HIV Viral Load Outcome of Children and Adolescents on Anti-Retroviral Therapy at Baylor Tanzania-Lake Zone Centre of Excellence (MPH).
  8. Opportunities for Health System Strengthening with Government Transition in Myanmar (DEVS MA).
  9. Understanding the influences on Saudi teens’ eating practices (Health Studies MA)
  10. Integration of Western and Indigenous approaches in Ecuadorian health care for women (DEVS MRP).
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Assistant Professor
Public Health Sciences


Department of Global Development Studies
Department of Emergency Medicine

Adjunct Appointments

Assistant Professor
School of Public Health and Health Systems
University of Waterloo

  • EPID 829: Foundations of Global Health
  • EPID 802: Foundations of Public Health
  • EPID 815: Knowledge Translation and Public Health
  • EPID 826: Determinants of Health
  • DEVS 865/492: Critical Examination of Global Health Intervention
  • DEVS 393: Global Health and Development
  • POP 8930: Population Health Interventions
Selected Publications

Dassah E, Aldersey H, McColl MA, Davison CM. When I Don't Have Money to Buy the Drugs, I Just Manage: Exploring the lived experience of persons with physical disabilities in accessing primary health care services in rural Ghana. Social Science & Medicine 214, 83-90.

Michaelson V, Pickett W, Davison CM. The History and Promise of Holism in Health Promotion. Health Promotion International. day039,

MacTavish RC, Remillard LW, Davison CM. (2018) Environmental Lead Exposure and Adult Literacy in Myanmar: An Exploratory Study of Potential Associations at the Township Level. International Journal of Environmental Research for Public Health, 2018 May 28;15(6). pii: E1086. doi: 10.3390/ijerph15061086.

Subedi S, Davison CM, Bartels (2018) An Analysis of Socio-Demographic, Living Conditions and Physical and Emotional Child Abuse Patterns in the Context of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake (published abstract). International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 12(6).

Davis L and Davison CM. Prevalence and Patterns of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption in Canadian Youth: A northern focus. (2017) Arctic. 70(4), 414-424.

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Pfeiffer M, Vanya D, Davison CM, Lkhagvasuren O, Johnston L, Janes C. (2017) Harnessing Opportunities for Good Governance of Health Impacts of Mining Projects in Mongolia: Results of a global partnership. Globalization and Health, 13:39. http://dx.doi:10.1186/s12992-017-0261-5.

Dube A, Moffat M, Davison CM, Bartels S. Health Outcomes for Children in Haiti Since the 2010 Earthquake: A systematic review. (2018) Pre-Hospital and Disaster Medicine.

Bartels S, Michael S, Roupetz S, Garbern S, Kilzar L, Bergquist H, Bakhache N, Davison CM, Bunting, A. (2017) Making Sense of Child, Early and Forced Marriage Among Syrian Refugee Girls: A mixed methods study in Lebanon. BMJ Global Health.

Bakhache N, Michael S, Roupetz S, Garbern S, Bergquist H, Davison CM, Susan Bartels S. (2017) Implementation of a SenseMaker© Research Project Among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. Global Health Action.

Brisbois B, Cole D, Davison CM, Di Ruggiero E, Hansen L, Janes C, Larson C, Nixon S, Plamondon K, Stime B. (2016) Corporate Sponsorship of Global Health Research: Questions to promote critical thinking about potential funding relationships. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 107(4).

Edwards N & Davison CM. Strengthening Communities with a Socio-Ecological Approach: Local and international lessons in whole systems (2015). Lars K. Halstrom, N. Guehlstorf and M. Parkes (Eds.). Ecosystems, Society and Health: Pathways through diversity, convergence and integration. McGill-Queen’s University Press. 33-68.

Cunningham M, Davison CM, Aaronson K (2014) HPV Vaccine Acceptability in Africa: A systematic review of the literature. Preventive Medicine.

Davison CM, Kahwa E, Edwards N, Atkinson U, Roelofs S, Hepburn-Brown C, Aiken J, Dawkins P, Rae T, MacFarlane D (2013) Ethical Challenges and Opportunities in HIV and AIDS Community-Based Participatory Research in Jamaica. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 8(1), 55-67.

Davison CM and Hawe P (2012) All That Glitters: Diamond Mining and its Impact on Tlicho Youth in Behchoko, Northwest Territories. Arctic. 65(2), 214-228.

Davison CM, Ghali LM & Hawe P (2011) Insights into the School Environment that Surveys Alone Might Miss: An exploratory study using photovoice. Advances in School Mental Health Promotion 4(1), 44-51.

Davison CM, Brown M and Moffitt P (2006) Student Researchers Negotiating Consent in Northern Aboriginal Communities. International Journal of Qualitative Methodology 5(2), Article 7.