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Financial Awards

The Department provides financial awards for all MA students enrolled in the one-year course-based program. The current minimum financial award is approximately $16,000 for the academic year September 1 - August 31. Financial awards are derived from a combination of Queen's Graduate Awards (QGAs), external scholarships such as the Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's and Ontario Graduate Scholarship, internal fellowships, teaching assistantships (TA-ships) in the Department's undergraduate courses, and faculty research assistantships, if available.

The Department strongly encourage students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, who have achieved an average of at least A- (80%) in their last two years of study (full-time equivalent), and who don't already have a Master's degree to apply for a Canada Graduate Scholarship-Masters (CGS-M) by the December 1 deadline before submitting their application to the DEVS MA Program. The CGS-M provides $17,500 for 12 months and is non-renewable. By identifying Queen’s as a potential host institution when applying for a 2016-17 Canada Graduate Scholarship-Masters (CGS-M), applications will automatically be considered for the new Queen's Academic Excellence Award for Master's students entering their first year of study at Queen's University.

Any student entering theit first year of DEVS MA program who wins a Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's will automatically receive a $5,000 Tri-Agency Recipient Recognition Award (TARRA) from the University. In addition, the Department will try to provide top-up funding to other internal and external award winners, and to make every attempt to ensure our offers are fully competitive with other Canadian universities.

Students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and who have achieved an average of at least A- (80%) in their last two years of study (full-time equivalent) should also apply for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15,000) as part of their application to the DEVS MA program (the deadline is January 31). Applicants do not need to be Ontario residents.

We also advise you to research and apply for scholarships offered by government, professional and charitable organizations, such as the Canadian Federation of University Women.

TA-ships require up to a maximum of 10 hours a week of tutorial leadership, preparation, marking, and other duties. A normal award would be two TA-ships (one in the Fall term and one in the Winter term) but this could be reduced in the case of a student winning additional internal or external awards. TA-ships are regarded as both a source of funding and as an important element in the student's career development.

Please note: The Department is usually able to provide funding for only one international student per year. Funding will not cover all expenses.

The Department will endeavour to provide financial awards to MA students who are accepted into the two-year, thesis stream, but cannot guarantee second-year funding. Students are encouraged to prepare early in the fall for their application to convert to the thesis-stream option, and to apply for a Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's (CGS-M), if eligible, at this time. Eligible continuing students are also encouraged to apply for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship in January, at the time of submitting their application for the thesis option. Other sources of external funding can be found on, but there are many others through individual ministries, governments or embassies, development-oriented NGO's and charitable organizations.

Tuition & Student Fees

Tuition and student fees for domestic graduate students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents) - PDF, 122 KB

Tuition and student fees for international graduate students - PDF, 124 KB

For information about payment plans, please visit the Office of University Registrar website.