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Kyla Tienhaara

Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Economy and Environment Tier 2

PhD (Environmental Studies
  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

MA (Environmental science and Law)
  University of Nottingham

BSc (Environmental Science)
  University of British Columbia


Phone: 613-533-6000 ext 78909 (DEVS)
Phone: 613-533-6129 (ENSC)

Mackintosh-Corry Hall, A409
Global Development Studies
Queen's University
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

Office Hours:
By Appointment

Research Interests 

My main area of interest is the intersection between environmental governance and the global economic system. One area of my work has examined investor-state disputes concerning environmental regulation that are brought to international arbitration under bilateral and regional investment agreements. My more recent research, published in Green Keynesianism and the Global Financial Crisis (Routledge, 2018) explores the experience of Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, and the United States with green stimulus programs following the 2008 global financial crisis. I will continue to expand on this area of research, with a particular focus on Green Keynesian initiatives in Canada and the United States, in my CRC research program.

Supervisory Interests

I am available to supervise students, particularly those interested in being involved in my CRC research program on Green Keynesianism.

Examples of relevant topic areas:

  • The role of the state in a transition to a green economy
  • Critical examinations of green economy/green growth policies and projects
  • Explorations of alternative economic and development paradigms such as Buen Vivir and degrowth
  • Understanding employment in the green economy, including initiatives that would be needed to maintain full employment without growth (e.g. shorter working week, job sharing)
  • Just transitions
  • Fossil fuel subsidies and divestment
  • The role of global economic institutions (e.g. G20, OECD) in environmental governance
  • Trade and foreign investment agreements and the environment
  • Corporate power in global environmental politics
Other Appointments

Joint Appointed with the School of Environmental Studies and the Department of Global Development Studies.


DEVS 492:  Development within Planetary Boundaries?
DEVS 813:  Global Environmental Politics
DEVS 863:  Development within Planetary Boundaries?
ENSC 483:  Trade and the Environment

Selected Publications


K. Tienhaara, 2018, Green Keynesianism and the Global Financial Crisis (London: Routledge).

K. Tienhaara, 2009, The Expropriation of Environmental Governance: Protecting Foreign Investors at the Expense of Public Policy (Cambridge University Press).


K. Tienhaara and C. Downie, forthcoming, “Risky Business? The Energy Charter Treaty, Renewable Energy and Investor-State Disputes”, Global Governance.

K. Tienhaara, 2018, “Regulatory Chill in a Warming World: The Threat to Climate Change Policy Posed by Investor-State Dispute Settlement”, Transnational Environmental Law 7(2): 229-250.

K. Tienhaara, 2016, “Governing the Global Green Economy?” Global Policy 7(4): 481-490.

K. Tienhaara, 2015, “Green Stimulus and Pink Batts: The Environmental Politics of Australia’s Response to the Global Financial Crisis”, Journal of Australian Political Economy 76: 54-78.

K. Tienhaara, 2014, “Varieties of Green Capitalism: Economy and Environment in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis”, Environmental Politics 23(2): 187-204.