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Marc Epprecht

Marc Epprecht


PhD (History) Dalhousie University
MA (History, Political Science, English) York University
BA (History, Political Science) York University

Phone:  613-533-6000, ext 78248
Fax: 613-533-2986

Mac Corry Hall B414
Global Development Studies
Queen's University
Kingston, ON K7L 3N6

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Research Interest

Social history in southern Africa, especially the colonial era; gender and sexuality more broadly, especially cultural constructions of non-normative sexualities (lgbti, msm, wsw, etc) and contestations around masculinities; HIV/AIDS; environment and health, especially in urban contexts in South Africa; contestations over development throughout Africa but especially Zimbabwe, Lesotho, South Africa, and KwaZulu-Natal; pedagogy for development (e.g., methods and ethics of work-study abroad programs); the politics of public history.

Supervisory Interests

These are the topics of some of the student projects I’ve supervised over the last 10 years or so, from post-doctoral to honours thesis. It’s a wide range from gender and sexuality to development practice to identity and other politics to environmental issues – the common theme is my primary interest in working towards a better understanding of Africa among Canadians and to support the training of talented African students.

• LGBTQ and social media in Africa
• Black economic empowerment in South Africa
• African Pentecostal Immigrants in Toronto: Aspirations and Identities
• The Formation of the Zambian State
• The impact of COVID-19 on South African environmental charity responses to the climate crisis
• Degrowth charities’ perceptions of the future for women in South Africa
• Gender-based violence in Ghana
• #Fallist Movement in South Africa
• How activists resist political homophobias in East Africa (Uganda and Rwanda)
• ‘Green Growth’ and Chinese Investment Experiences in Kenya
• Sexuality Education in Cape Town High Schools
• Narratives Surrounding Heterosexual Transmission of HIV/AIDS in Botswana
• South African women in the anti-apartheid struggle
• Funerals and HIV/AIDS stigma in South Africa
• AIDS denialism in South Africa
• Lesbian activism in South Africa
• Intersections of Post-development theory with NGO discourse
• Voluntourism
• Women’s Movement in Zimbabwe
• Street-connected children in Mombasa
• Sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Ghana
• HIV-Tuberculosis Co-infection, South Africa
• Neoliberalism and Ecosystemic Change among Tonga Farmers in Southern Zambia
• Livelihood Strategies among Dockworkers in Durban, 1900-1951
• Gender, Politics and Social Medicine in South Africa, 1940-1959
• Empowering sexual minority groups in Uganda through a green, de-growth perspective
• Race and Municipal Water Planning in Pietermaritzburg from 1900 to 1968

Other Appointments

Cross Appointed Professor
Department of History and Cultural Studies
School of Environmental Studies


DEVS 320: Aids, Power, and Poverty
DEVS 363: Contemporary Southern Africa: Development Trends and Challenges
DEVS 492:  African Renaissance

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  Sexuality, Secrecy, and Local Government in Early Twentieth-Century Edendale, South Africa