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​Bringing a new perspective to the Justin and Elisabeth Lang Collection of African Art, guest curators Marc Epprecht and Allison Goebel developed a community-based exhibition at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre that challenges the problematic history of colonial-era appropriation, collection and display of African art in Western museums. They invited members of the African and diasporic communities at Queen’s, and in Kingston and the region to select a piece or pieces from the collection and respond in a personal way. These fascinating contributions include short essays, poetry, art, and personal reflections, some of which are captured in video form. The resulting exhibition showcases a rich, fresh engagement with and interpretation of the Lang Collection.

Marc Epprecht is a Professor in the Departments of History and Global Development Studies, and Allison Goebel is an Associate Professor in the School of Environmental Studies, at Queen’s University.

The exhibition opens on April 30, 2016.