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Tara McDolad

The Department of Global Development Studies is happy to announce that Tara McDonald was the recipient of the 2016-2017 Eileen Krieger award. 

Established in the spring of 2003, the award is in memory of Eileen Krieger, who was not only an exceptional student of the Global Development Studies program, but also conveyed an extraordinarily positive and enthusiastic manner in all of her endeavours.  The Eileen Krieger Award provides recognition to a graduating student of Global Development Studies who is both strong academically and partakes in extracurricular activities with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

The peer who nominator Tara stated, "Tara is a dedicated, community-minded student that balances extracurricular activities, work, and academics with ease. To me, Tara, for lack of better words, just gets it. She questions everything, and uses her knowledge to teach and inspire those around her. I think in order to succeed in Global Development Studies you have to actually put what you learn into practice. Education should not be a book sitting on a shelf; it has to be something you carry with you everyday. Tara has taken everything she has learned in our department and has implemented it to make tangible change around campus, something not many students have the courage to do".