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Global Development Studies

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Undergraduate Program

undergraduate photoGlobal Development Studies offers three degree options with a range of on-campus and off-campus courses. With over 150 courses to choose from, across a wide range of departments, DEVS provides a broad, inter-disciplinary education.

Transfer from Other Universities

A limited number of students can be accepted into Global Development Studies from outside of Queen's University each year. Students who hope to enter into a DEVS degree in this way should take DEVS 100 online (see Queen's Continuing and Distance Studies) before arriving at Queen's, since this course is a prerequisite for all upper year DEVS courses.

Applications from other universities will be treated in the same way as applications for upper year transfers within Queen's University, i.e. you must have the minimum cutoff GPA for regular second year admission; there must be space in the program; and spaces will be allocated according to GPA when spaces are limited.

Prospective students should also be aware that there is no guarantee you can finish your studies within a particular time frame, since there are required courses that may or may not be scheduled in a way that will allow you to meet your desired progress through the degree if you don't start in second year.