Eligibility and Application

For individuals interested in the  2021-2022 Havana portion (potentially taking place in May 2022), please email Professor Karen Dubinsky or Professor Susan Lord to discuss application requirements.

This course is designed for third year DEVS students. Students from other departments with a sufficient background in development related courses are encouraged to apply.

Along with the application, students are required to submit a two to three paragraph, double spaced essay, on ONE separate piece of paper describing your objectives for the course. What are your reasons for taking this course? How does this course fit into your plan of study? What do you hope to gain from this course? Describe any previous international/Latin American experience, etc. This essay will be considered one of the criteria for selection in the course. 

Enrollment in DEVS 307 is limited to approximately 30 students. 

Applications will be evaluated according to: 

  1. Academic performance (B/B+ average minimum - please include a copy of your transcript from SOLUS)
  2. Academic relevance to student's program. 
  3. Motivation and preparation
  4. Clarity of objectives and expectations
  5. One page essay (described above)  

Tuition and course fees are to be paid to Queen's PRIOR to commencement of the course. Payment of these fees is subject to the same methods, deadlines and penalties as if the student were on campus during the equivalent academic term. 

For additional information, please email the DEVS Programs Assistant.