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Course Descriptions

Work Study DEVS 410

To meet the academic requirements of the course students are required to attend preparatory meetings, prepare a work-study proposal and a research paper on the placement. Assessments also include a daily journal, a final report and post-placement meetings and presentations as part of the re-entry learning experience. In addition to academic requirements, students are required to enroll in the Queen's emergency support programme and attend a pre-departure orientation.

International Exchange DEVS 420*

The opportunity to study abroad is also an option for students in the program. Students spend a term at a school that is located in Asia, Latin America, Africa or the successor states of the former Soviet Union. They may take courses that can be counted towards their DEVS and/or another disciplinary concentration (in the case of Medial students).

The academic requirements for the exchange itself (0.5 credit) include: researching and applying to universities, writing a proposal, carrying out a thorough risk assessment, attending a pre-departure orientation session, keeping a journal for the duration of the exchange and writing a report upon return.

NOTE: Students are normally responsible for all costs associated with participation in these courses. Students are also responsible for obtaining a Letter of Permission to study abroad through Queen's International Programs Office, and for arranging for the transfer of credits from the host institution to Queen's upon their return.

Advising: Professor Paritosh Kumar is the Placement Coordinator for Work Study placements and Exchanges in Development Studies. Please contact him directly for an appointment: or (613) 533-2650 (613) 533-2650 .