Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership
Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

Ione Taylor

Queen's Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership/ Senior Industry Leader

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Ione Taylor’s areas of professional focus include the application of physical science, integrated with economics, to inform decision-making for land and natural resource development, as well as developing and applying models of innovative leadership in the energy and mineral sectors.  Ione Taylor served as the Executive Director, Earth and Energy Resources Leadership from 2014 to 2017. 

She is responsible for developing a graduate level professional program that integrates geosciences, engineering, economics, and legal, societal, and policy concepts into a curriculum for the next generation of enterprise leaders in the natural resource sector. 

She began her career in the petroleum industry, working as an operations geologist on drilling wells in the Gulf of Mexico.  She spent the next 15 years focused on domestic and international hydrocarbon exploration, holding multiple scientific and technical positions at Amoco Production Company and British Petroleum.  Ione eventually moved into senior leadership positions including R&D Director of Worldwide Technology Applications, Vice President of Overseas Exploration, and Upstream Technology Group Lead for Worldwide Reservoir Description. 

She subsequently entered US Federal government service with the US Geological Survey (USGS) in Department of the Interior as Associate Director for Energy and Minerals, and Environmental Health

Ione served as the Senior Executive responsible for oversight of geological research and assessment programs for energy and mineral resources and economics to inform natural resource management. 

Ione holds a BS degree in Chemistry and MS and PhD degrees in Geology; is a graduate of Thunderbird School of Global Management, and holds an Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  She served as Co-chair of the US National Training and Development Human Capital Team responsible for developing the Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program for the US Department of the Interior. 

Ione is a Certified Administrator for Leadership Assessment Instruments through the Center for Creative Leadership.

This is an 18 month long leadership development program resulting in Certification of Federal Senior Executives.  She has developed and delivered web-based training on leadership, risk assessment, and decision-making for land and natural resources at the US National level for Federal Senior Executives.

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