Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership
Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

John Varsek 

Retired Canadian Petroleum Industry Leader

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John is completing research for a book about how CO2-neutral fuels systems could evolve through the 21st century.  This blueprint, draws on a career as an earth science researcher and leader, petroleum development manager and corporate strategist. 

John grew up in Vancouver BC and obtained a BSc in geophysics from the University of British Columbia.  After joining the petroleum industry in Calgary, he completed an MSc (seismic source testing) and PhD (crustal assembly of southern BC) at the University of Calgary.

John’s early and mid-career involved petroleum discoveries and development in western Canada and along North America’s continental margin. While at a geological consultancy, he developed and marketed studies, becoming a noted technology contributor and teacher.

John managed strategy development at Cenovus Energy, a major Canadian oil sands producer, until his retirement in 2015.  He led or guided design of its environmental, technology and innovation, communications, organizational, and markets and products strategies.  Prior to that he was a natural gas development manager at EnCana, one of North America’s largest natural gas production companies, and led teams who created industry-leading coal-bed methane production practices.

With those companies he accumulated knowledge about the Weyburn Saskatchewan CO2 enhanced oil recovery project, the world’s most researched onshore carbon storage project.  He was the driver for Cenovus’s contribution of surface and mineral rights to Carbon Management Canada for their field research station near Brooks Alberta.

John also served as president of the very active Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, with 3000 members and 300 volunteers.  He was charged with revitalizing the vision for the society in response to the changing industry environment.  That resulted in a series of initiatives, completed over the following three years, to broaden its mandate.

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