Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership
Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

Program Delivery: Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

How Does This Program Work? 

The Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership (MEERL) is a part-time program, beginning in September and completed in 20 months. Through courses accessed online you can study from anywhere in the world and join us in Canada from the in-person sessions.  

For a program summary, check out our one-page handout


Program Overview    

The program is primarily online with approximately 2 weeks of in-person sessions. Over the program, you will attend:

  • 10 courses (7 core courses and 3 elective courses)
  • Guest lectures from leaders in the energy and minerals sectors
  • Field-trips 
  • Leadership workshops
  • Networking events

Course assessments include individual and team projects, live negotiation activities, town hall debates, presentations, quizzes, and exams; all of which can be completed from your home or during the in-person sessions.  

For more information see our course descriptions:

Course Descriptions


Online Experience    

Online learning offers a flexible approach to complete your degree while balancing your busy work and personal life. You will receive the same instruction and complete the same kinds of assignments as you would in a traditional classroom.

The online advantages are:

  • Courses are designed to fit your lifestyle with course materials being available 24/7 through our online platform
  • Recorded lectures can be completed at your desired timing and pace
  • Live webinars create an interactive environment with the professors and fellow students, and makes space for questions and discussions
  • Discussion boards promote learning from your fellow classmates and sharing experiences

In addition, some of your professors personalize your experience by having conversations with you about your assignments and your challenges.


In-Person Sessions  

There are currently two residential sessions over the 20 month program. 

  • The first session is held at the start of the program (August or September) over 5 days at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Get to know your classmates before starting online courses, take leadership workshops, and go on a field trip. 
  • The second session is held the following summer (May to August) over 8 days in Calgary, Alberta. Complete one of your core courses in just a week and attend a networking event. 
  • There is an optional 8-day elective field trip course before the second session where students visit sites in Western Canada (EERL 810: Field-Based Synthesis)