Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership
Master of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership

Why This Degree?

Masters of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership (MEERL) is a unique graduate degree that was developed with industry challenges and our students at the forefront. 

Our Students Thoughts  

"MEERL has more than delivered on my expectations. I've enjoyed seeing the mining, oil and gas industries from a breadth of perspectives, understanding the drivers and motivations of different actors in the industries and learning from classmates, academics and industry professionals" - MEERL '19 Student, Calgary Alberta 

“MEERL is a must for aspiring natural resource leaders, since simply understanding the business side of the sector is no longer enough to be successful in natural resource development, extraction and closure.” – MEERL ’19 Student, Vancouver British Columbia 

"MEERL has given me a grounding in technical elements that will be required to be a good leader in energy and natural resources over the next 20 years .... to think critically about the problems that will face the sector and build leadership skills that will help us tackle those challenges and bring the right people together.” - MEERL '19 Student, Toronto Ontario 

“Shocking how much you can learn without being in a classroom … can do a lot online” - MEERL '19 Student, Calgary Alberta

A bit about our students: Two thirds live in Western Canada (Alberta and British Columbia) and others live in Ontario, USA, and South America. Our students work for mining companies, oil&gas companies, government bodies, and consulting firms. They hold positions in engineering, geology, business development, finance and economics, and include employees a couple years into their career to managers, directors, and vice-presidents.  Just over half our students focus on mining in their career and the rest in energy. 

Industry Challenges     

MEERL was designed to learn skills needed to tackle the new challenges facing the energy and mineral industries. Are you facing any of these challenges in your career?

  • Increased interest by stakeholder communities to be more involved in decision-making.
  • Incorporating new technologies to interpret very large datasets and improve efficiency.
  • Planning for the future with renewable energy entering the marketplace.
  • Need to address up-front the concerns about potential environmental impacts of resource extraction and use.
  • Need to more fully understand and effectively manage the entire life cycle of resource development; balancing sustainability and commercial viability.
  • Challenges of doing business in a global marketplace.

Program Benefits        

MEERL will distinguish you from your colleagues and give you the boost to get to the next stage of your career. Through this program you will:

  • Learn to take an interdisciplinary approach to understand the industry from different perspectives.
  • Study problems specific to the energy and mineral industry.
  • Apply learned tools in real-time to your career.
  • Learn from renowned teaching staff from a variety of faculties.
  • Interface with industry leaders serving as adjunct faculty, guest lectures, and advisors for projects.
  • Be surrounded by like-minded classmates who are engaged and driven individuals from variety of backgrounds.
  • Have flexibility to choose electives and assignments that match your interests and schedule.
  • Be embedded in a unique program where courses are connected to provide you with a cultivated and purposeful experience.