Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

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Graduate Research Recipients

30 Graduate Research Grants provided financial support for doctoral students pursuing dissertation research at a considerable distance in order to help them conduct original research producing genuinely new knowledge. Students were required tp pass their comprehensive exams and have an approved proposal before submitting an application. Awards were made through a competition open to both normative and empirical work. The maximum value of an individual award is $5,000. Upon completion of their work, Graduate Research Fellows were invited to contribute original papers to the spoke workshops as well as to major conferences of the Ethnicity and Democratic Governance research project.

2011 Fellows

Delphine Abadie (Philosophy, Université de Montreal)

“The normative equality of Multinational Corporations and Individuals. A perversion of cosmopolitan justice?”

Mehdi Laurent Chokri (Sciences politiques, UQAM/EHESS)

"L’influence des systèmes de gestion du pluralisme sur les nationalismes contemporains, une étude comparée des cas impériaux britanniques, français et ottomans."

Janique Dubois (Political Science, University of Toronto)

"What about the Others? Self-Government for Territorially Dispersed and Culturally Intermixed Groups"

Shelly Ghai (Political Science, University of Toronto)

 “Electoral Games and Electoral Frames: Ethnic Party Competition and Electoral Outcomes in India”

Howard Kislowicz(Law, University of Toronto)

"Religious Freedom and Canadian Identity"

Matthew Mitchell (Political Studies, Queen’s University)

"Re-thinking the Migration-Conflict nexus: Insights from Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana” "

Charan Rainford (Political Studies, Queen's University)

“Theorizing Resilience in Systems of Control: Sri Lanka in Comparative Perspective”

Iain Reeve (Political Studies, Queen's University) 

Examining the recent devolution of immigrant selection and settlement policy in Canada from federal to provincial governments.

Arjun Tremblay (Political Studies, University of Toronto)

"Democracy and the Minority Moment"

Ethel Tungohan (Political Science, University of Toronto)

 “Making Migrants Matter: Mapping Filipina Migrant Careworker Activism”

2010 Fellows 

Isabelle Cote (Political Studies, University of Toronto)

"Unsettling migrants? The impacts of internal migrants on ethnic conflict"

Helene Thibault (Political Studies, University of Ottawa)

"State-religion relations in Tajikistan: institutional continuity and new political realities"

2009 Fellows 

Sanjay Jeram (Political Studies, University of Toronto)

"The Basque Ball: Changing Patterns of Intragroup Conflict"

Marijo Demers (Political Studies, University of Ottawa)

"Everyday forms of national minority resistance”: local politics within Tibetan nomadic communities in A mdo"

2008 Fellows 

Marie-Eve Reny (Political Science, University of Toronto)

"Seeing like the Chinese State: Explaining Variance in Central Government Reaction to Religious and Land-Related Protests"

Jordan DeCoste (Political Studies, Queen's University)

"Who needs a 'full' theory of citizenship?: a new agenda in contemporary citizenship discourse"

2007 Fellows 

Sebastian Baglioni (Political Science, University of Toronto)

"Multinational Democracy and Political Recognition in Spain, 1978 - 2007"

Karlo Basta (Political Science, University of Toronto)

"Accommodative Capacity of Multination States"

Paul May (Political Science, UQAM)

"La gestion de la diversité dans les métropoles"

Sean O'Meara (Political Science, Queen's University)

"Beyond the State: Northern Ireland, Ethnic Conflict Regulation and the Joint Management Approach"

2006 Fellows 

Filiz Tutku Aydýn (Political Science, University of Toronto)

"A Case in Diaspora Nationalism: The Crimean Tatars"

Elinor Bray-Collins (Political Science, University of Toronto)

"The Secretarian Mobilization of Youth in the Middle East"

Siobhan Byrne (Political Studies, Queen's University)

"Beyond the Ethnonational Divide: Identity Politics and the Conflicts in Northern Ireland and Israel/Palestine"

Essyn Emurla (Political Science, University of Toronto)

"The Emergence of Quasi-Consociationalism as a Model of Minority Protection in Central and Eastern Europe"

Petr Kafka (Political Science, University of Toronto)

"Politics of Immigration: Migration Policies in Central Europe"

Rinku Lamba (Political Science, University of Toronto)

"Religious Diversity and Individual Rights: a Study of Complex Interactive Governance"

Manuel Litalien (Science Politique, UQAM)

« Bouddhisme socialement engagé » et nouveaux modèles de régimes providentiels en Thaïlande

Paul Martin (Faculty of Law, University of Toronto)

"Democracy and the Role of Law: International Monitoring and Enforcement of Democratic Governance"

Dimitrios Panagos (Political Studies, Queen's University)

"Definitional Multiplicity: Accommodating the Disparate Meanings of Aboriginality"

Trevor Preston (Political Science, University of Toronto)

"Islam, Education and the State in Indonesia and Malaysia"