Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

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Haklai.jpgOded Haklai

Associate Professor
Department of Political Studies
Queen's University

*Currently at George Washington University

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Oded Haklai is an associate professor of political studies at Queen?s University in Kingston, Ontario, where he teaches courses on Middle East politics, Israel, nationalism and ethnic conflict, and comparative politics and international relations. His research focuses on various aspects of Jewish Israeli-Palestinian relations, ethnic conflict, and other peace, conflict, and security studies issues.

Haklai is the author of Palestinian Ethnonationalism in Israel (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011) numerous articles in scholarly journals, including Comparative Political Studies, International Studies Review, Israel Studies, Nations and Nationalism, Ethnic and Racial Studies, the Canadian Journal of Political Science, and Nationalism and Ethnic Politics. He is currently completing work on two co-edited volumes: Democratization and Ethnic Minorities(with Jacques Bertrand (Toronto)), Democracy, Religion, and Conflict: The Dilemmas of Israel?s Peacemaking(With Elman (Syracuse) and Spruyt (Northwestern)). He is also working on a project entitled Settlers in Contested Landswith Neophytos Loizides, Queen?s, Belfast.

Haklai earned his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Toronto (2004). He spent the 2010-11 academic year as a research fellow at the Truman Institute for Peace, Hebrew University, and a Visiting Scholar at the Moshe Dayan Center in Tel Aviv University. He will be a visiting scholar at the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies at the Elliott School in George Washington University in the fall semester of 2011.

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  • Ethnic politics and conflict
  • Nationalism
  • Ethnic civil society mobilization
  • Ethnicity and the state in Israel and the Middle East
  • Political activism of the Jewish settlers' movement in Israel and the West Bank
  • Mobilization of the Palestinian citizens of Israel
  • Impact of state-society relations on peacemaking in the Middle East