Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

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Voices on Kenya

John Lonsdale "Kenya: ethnicity, tribe, and state" (Open Democracy – 17 January 2008)

The key to the post-election crisis in Kenya lies in the changing role of the post-colonial state in relation to the country's ethnic terms of political trade, says John Lonsdale.

David Anderson "Kenya’s Agony" (Royal African Society – 10 January 2008)

Violence has become a common currency of politics in many parts of Africa, but not in Kenya. At least, not until last week. The horrific scenes rolled across our television screens – fighting on the streets of Nairobi, in Kisumu on the shores of Lake Victoria, at the coastal resort of Mombasa, and, most shockingly of all, from a church in the sleepy Rift Valley town of Eldoret, where more than 30 children burned to death in the most callous of attacks..