Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

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Listed below are books published as part of the EDG series.


Political Autonomy and Divided Societies: Imagining Democratic Alternatives in Complex Settings  
March 2012 - Edited by Alain-G Gagnon and Michael Keating
Palgrave Macmillan 

Identity Politics in the Public Realm: Bringing Institutions Back In
Oct 2011 -
Edited by Avigail Eisenberg and Will Kymlicka
UBC Press
Multi-Nation States in Asia: Accommodation or Resistance
April 2010 - Edited by Jacques Bertrand (University of Toronto) and Andre Laliberte (University of Ottawa)
Cambridge University Press
Ethnic Politics and the Making and Unmaking of Constitutions in Africa
Special Issue of Canadian Journal of African Studies
2009 - Volume 43 Issue 3
Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation?
March 2008 - Edited by Sujit Choudhry
Oxford: Oxford University Press
Governing Diversity - Democratic Solutions in Multicultural Societies
October 2007 - Edited by Razmik Panossian, Bruce Berman and Anne Linscott
Montreal: Rights & Democracy

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Constitutionalism in Divided Societies
Special Issue of the International Journal of Constitutional Law (I·CON)
October 2007 - Edited by Sujit Choudhry
Volume 5, Issue 4


Forthcoming / in process
Berman, Bruce, André Laliberté and Stephen Larin (eds.) Ethnic Claims and Moral Economies UBC Press forthcoming

Berman, Bruce, Rajeev Bhargava and André Laliberté (eds.) The State and Religious Diversity UBC Press forthcoming

Bertrand, Jacques and Oded Haklai (eds.) Democratization and Ethnic Minorities.  Under review at University of Pennsylvania Press.

Boiselle, Andrée, Glen Cloutard, Avigail Eisenberg and Jeremy Webber (eds.) Recognition and Self-Determination UBC Press forthcoming

Carens, Joseph H The Ethics of Immigration Oxford University Press USA forthcoming

Good, Kristin, Phil Triadafilopoulos and Luc Turgeon (eds.) Segmented Cities? How Urban Contexts Shape Ethnic and Nationalist Politics UBC Press forthcoming

McGarry, John and Richard Simeon (eds.) Assessing Territorial Pluralism