Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

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Globalization, Urbanization and Ethnicity: Ethnic Politics and Governance in Cities

December 3 - 4, 2009
Crowne Plaza hotel, Ottawa

Conference committee:
Abigail Bakan (Queen's University), Bruce Berman (Queen's University), Kristin Good (Dalhousie University), David McDonald (Queen's University),
Will Kymlicka (Queen's University), Phil Triadafilopoulos (University of Toronto), Luc Turgeon (University of Ottawa)

With more than half the human race living in cities for the first time in history, and with the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural character of all major cities increasing rapidly, clearly thought out development of cities is one of the most crucial factors for economic growth, social cohesion and democratic governance world-wide. Yet cities are also the major focus of ethnic conflict and inter-group confrontation. How can we govern cities in ways that maintain social cohesion and draw on the assets of all cultural/ethnic groups in times of increasing diversity?

Bringing together a select invited group of Canadian and international scholars, NGOs and governmental agencies with a commitment to linking research and public policy innovation, the conference will focus on the crucial issue of the relationship between globalization and internal migration and international immigration into cities in both Western and non-Western societies. In what ways do these three factors of urbanization interact with the local politics in cities with existing aboriginal populations and long-standing multi-ethnic tensions? To what extent are global norms of cultural rights and human security developing and to what extent do international organizations that articulate them influence the governance of ethnic relations in cities and states?

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