Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

Ethnicity and Democratic Governance

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Territory, Diversity and Citizenship

June 4 - 5, 2010
Donald Gordon Centre, Queen's University, Kingston

  • Co-organizers: Mira Bachvarova, Margaret Moore (Queen's University) and Avigail Eisenberg (University of Victoria)

This workshop aims to bring normative theorists and empirical social scientists together to address some of the central normative and practical dimensions of conflict that involve disputes about territory. Practically, the workshop is interested in issues from corrective justice in cases where people settle on land previously held by another group (e.g. in Israel-Palestine, Cyprus, South Africa, India), to cases of secession, boundary disputes, demands for autonomy, assertion of exclusive citizenship rights for autochthons (sons of the soil), and aboriginal land claims in former colonies of settlement, as well as to changing forms of land tenure and property rights both rural and urban. We are interested in papers that focus on how the politics of ethnic/cultural/religious identities play a role in many of the claims made for land. We are also interested in examining the kinds of moral claims that communities involved in such disputes can make for entitlement to land and the justifiability of these claims. We aim to be open to different understanding of the ways in which concepts of moral power, land rights, distributive justice, citizenship and belonging can alter with changing historical and cultural contexts.