EMPR 310: Topics in Labour and Employment Law



Term: Not offered in the 2023-24 academic year

Course Description: Topics in Labour and Employment law will provide students with insight into contemporary issues relevant to the study and practice of labour and employment law. Topics and content will vary across terms and instructors. Potential subjects to be covered may include human rights and workplace discrimination, legal aspects of occupational health and safety, and legislation around workplace disability and accommodation.

Learning Outcomes: To complete this course students will demonstrate their ability to:

  1. Describe key legal principles in labour and employment law;
  2. Apply critical thinking to analyze workplace issues and problems from a legal perspective;
  3. Describe how organizations address legal obligations in employment relations;
  4. Develop legal arguments to support workplace decisions;
  5. Apply legal frameworks to analyze workplace equity.

Learning Hours: 120 

Grading Scheme

Detailed descriptions of each assignment, including the rubrics used for evaluation, are available on the course onQ website under the assignments tab.

Prerequisites: EMPR 210