EMPR 334: Topics in Human Resource Management



Term: Not offered in the 2023-24 academic year

Course Description: This topics seminar explores evidence-based HR practice as it relates to functions throughout the HR lifecycle. Subject matter will vary depending on semester and instructor and may include topics such as: workforce planning, employee recruitment, selection, onboarding, training, performance management, and compensation. Students will also have an opportunity to learn about the role human resource management plays in rapidly changing and increasingly diverse workplaces.

Learning Outcomes: To complete this course students will demonstrate their ability to:

  1. Apply concepts and analyze human resource management issues from an evidence-based perspective.
  2. Highlight contemporary theories and practices as related to human resource management.
  3. Plan and design talent management strategies that align with organizational objectives.
  4. Discuss the strengths and limitations of various human resources practices. 
  5. Evaluate the contributions human resource management makes to individual and organizational performance.
  6. Explain how to develop and support equitable, diverse, and inclusive HR practices and policies.
  7. Recognize how legislation, technology, changing economic conditions, labour force dynamics, and other external factors influence human resource management.

Learning Hours: 120 

Grading Scheme: 

Detailed descriptions of each assignment, including the rubrics used for evaluation, are available on the course onQ website under the assignments tab.

Prerequisites: EMPR 230

Exclusions: COMM 358