MIR '14
"Working for the Government of Nunavut and assisting my clients has been a phenomenal learning experience. In such a short time, I have been exposed to a variety of situations that will afford me a strong foundation in transferable skills."
MIR '17
"The primary catalyst to my professional launch was undoubtedly the MIR program at Queen’s University. The program provided me with the knowledge, skillset, and professional network necessary to begin my career in Human Resource Management."
"The Queen’s educational experience will provide you the opportunity to connect with renowned faculty experts, but also with industry professionals, who have become positive catalysts in today’s ever-changing Industrial Relations field."
MIR '15
"The support and dedication of the program’s staff and professors to my professional growth and development was above and beyond anything that I could have expected."
JD/MIR '14
"...MIR/JD’s are trained to integrate both legal and workplace concepts into a single analysis. I have found this extremely beneficial in both my professional and academic practices."
MIR '14
"The skills I developed and the knowledge I gained through this program not only prepared me for a career in labour relations but helped me to obtain my dream job as a labour relations consultant in a post-secondary institution."
MIR '18
"The MIR opened my eyes to a new career path, as well as opened the door for greater development opportunities."