On February 28, we had the privilege of hearing from Megan MacRae (MIR ’05), CPO at ONexpress Transportation Partners, who came back to campus as part of the Safka Alumni Speaker Series. This was a particularly poignant event, as Megan was a classmate and friend of Richard Safka, in whose memory the lecture series was established.  
Megan spoke to prospective and current MIR students about her career and how her time in the program helped shape her path. She spoke about the challenges she faced as a young professional and how she overcame them, with pointed advice for the students. 
Her talk was both inspirational and informative, as she shared valuable insights with the students around how to succeed in their careers, with a heavy emphasis on building relationships with colleagues and mentors, deliberate attention to understanding the business you are in, and working to meet the needs of key stakeholders. 
Megan stayed with us for the afternoon so that students could met in a smaller group setting to ask for advice and guidance in their own career paths. A big thank you to Megan for braving the snowstorm to be with us and sharing your valuable time and insights!  

Megan MacRae and Jacoba Lilius


Megan MacRae