Glenda M. Fisk

Glenda M. Fisk

PhD, Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Penn State)
Undergraduate Chair, Employment Relations Programs
Associate Professor
Robert Sutherland Hall 227

Entitlement in the workplace, emotion regulation, leadership, occupational health and well-being, human resource management.


Glenda Fisk came to Queen’s in 2006 after completing her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Fisk’s main research interests focus on the issue of entitlement in the workplace and the experience of employees who feel worthy of rewards they might not objectively deserve. Related to these interests, Dr. Fisk is engaged in work to understand how attitudes of illegitimate deservingness develop, the stability of such attitudes over time, as well as their consequences for both individuals and organizations. Dr. Fisk has also conducted research to understand the experience of employees who must manage their emotions as part of their work role. Of particular interest are those situations in which employees engage in emotional deviance by showing feelings that are inconsistent with role expectations (e.g., service with a scowl).

Most recently, her research interests have turned to helping employees manage a variety of grief experiences, as well as issues around leading through change and leader identity.

Dr. Fisk teaches classes in Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, statistics,and research methods.