Set yourself up for success!

Check out these Queen's success services - dedicated to helping you succeed academically, professionally and personally.  

Students Academic Success Services (SASS)

Student Academic Success Services offers academic support to students who wish to develop their skills in critical thinking, reading, learning, studying, writing, and self-management. Student Academic Success Services are open to all Queen’s undergraduate and graduate students at all stages of program completion and all levels of ability. Learn how to: 

  • improve your time management and organization
  • increase your motivation and reduce procrastination
  • cope with distractions
  • develop your study skills and habits
  • improve your writing 

Learn more about the resources Academic Success Services offers, or book an individual appointment.

Expanding Horizons 

Sponsored by the School of Graduate Studies, Expanding Horizons offers a suite of workshops and resources that support the academic, professional and personal success of Queen's graduate students. The series of six workshops focuses on achieving success in a number of different areas such as:

  • mental health and well-being
  • research, communication and interpersonal skills
  • management and leadership skills
  • career development
  • knowledge transfer
  • civic responsibilities

Learn more about Expanding Horizons workshops.