The PMIR class schedule is designed to allow professionals to combine part-time graduate studies with full-time work and personal responsibilities.

The program is offered in a way that allows individuals to continue working while completing their studies by offering courses in rotation. This will generally allow students to complete the program over 2.5-3 years. You will find a sample of the typical course rotation here

The typical PMIR Fall-Winter class schedule currently consists of four long weekend in-person classroom sessions for 2 courses, September, November, January, and February held at our Toronto campus. The intensive summer term consists of two non-concurrent full weeks of concentrated in-person studies in May and June at Queen’s campus in Kingston, ON, for another 2 courses. This means that students can complete four 3 credit courses over one academic year.

Weekends normally consist of Thursday afternoons through Sunday mornings. Summer weeks are planned from Sunday afternoons to the end of the day the following Saturday, with a mid-week break from classes on Wednesday afternoons.

2022-23 Academic Year



Summer Classes

May 8-11, 2023 and June 6-9, 2023 (blended learning model)


Our expected* future class dates are:

•    September 14-17, 2023
•    November 2-5, 2023
•    January 11-14, 2024
•    February 8-11, 2024
•    May 5-11, 2024
•    June 2-8, 2024

•    September 12-15, 2024
•    November 7-10, 2024
•    January 9-12, 2025
•    February 6-9, 2025
•    May 4-10, 2025
•    June 1-7, 2025

* All dates are subject to change, due to unforeseen & uncontrollable circumstances. 

For more information, please contact Anne-Marie Bergman.