It's your future undergrad studies

It’s your future – have a say in what it looks like.

The world of work is changing. Rapid technological change has led to unprecedented challenges. But while technology may have accelerated the economy, it will always be people who keep it running. Employment Relations focuses on the complex relationships between people - the employees and employers who keep the world of work running - and the laws and government policies that ensure an equitable and inclusive workplace. Because an equitable and inclusive workplace isn’t just about creating a more productive economy – it’s about sustaining happy and healthy people. Because it’s your future – have a say in what it looks like.

The Employment Relations General Plan (3-year degree) provides job-ready knowledge and skills for exciting and meaningful careers in human resource management or labour relations.

A Minor in Employment Relations gives students the opportunity to learn more about contemporary workplace issues and is a great compliment to any Major Plan.

The Employment Relations certificate is an exciting opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a rapidly evolving world of work.

These courses are open to all Queen's undergraduate students and can be taken as standalone electives, or to apply towards the BA/Minor in Employment Relations.

For the Certificate in Employment Relations, 200 level courses or above can be applied to fulfill the requirements.