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Boo Hoo the Bear

[The original Boo Hoo bear cub with Queen's Bands]

The original Boo Hoo bear cub with Queen's Bands

Boo Hoo, Queen's mascot, is represented today by a student wearing the costume of a bear in a tartan waistcoat and tam. The original Boo Hoo, however, was a real bear cub purchased by students in 1922.

Over the years, four more Boo Hoos succeeded the original bear. Herb Hamilton's book, Queen's! Queen's! Queen's! shows the last one, Boo Hoo V, posing with cheerleaders in 1952.

In the 1920s, the Kingston-based composer Oscar Telgmann even composed a march for the piano in honour of the bear, called "The Mascot, Boo Hoo's March," which was popular for some years. The mascot was revived in its present form in 1980 and today appears at sporting events and all but the most formal of university occasions.

[Boo Hoo the Bear]

(Photo by Lars Hagberg)