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Master of Philosophy Program


The Department of English at Queen’s University is excited to announce the launch of the Master of Philosophy Degree in English Language and Literature. This two-year program, unique among Ontario Universities, features intensive field-specific study, broad coursework, a Publishing Practicum, and guaranteed entry into the Queen’s English Doctoral Program (for those who successfully complete the MPhil degree requirements). The degree is designed for diverse learners and will be of particular interest to those undergraduate students who are already contemplating doctoral research.

MPhil students choosing to move directly into the workforce upon graduation will have attained field-specific expertise, advanced professionalization, and evidence of research and writing skills through the Publishing Practicum. MPhil students choosing to move on into doctoral studies will accelerate their dissertation work by three full terms.

The MPhil is a 24-month program that features coursework, field exams, and a Publishing Practicum, and provides advanced standing to those students continuing into the PhD.

Highlights of the MPhil Program:

  • Diverse graduate-level coursework in small seminars
  • Field Examinations guarantee deep knowledge of a field—excellent training for further graduate work and teaching
  • A “Publishing Practicum” ensures students have a piece of writing ready for submission
  • Guaranteed Entry, with advanced status, into the PhD program at Queen’s following completion of MPhil

What Can I Do With It?

  • For those interested in teaching, the MPhil guarantees field-specific expertise
  • For those interested in careers in publishing or writing, the MPhil offers concrete experience and mentorship
  • For those entering the Queen’s English PhD, the MPhil track accelerates passage through the program, providing more years of funded time to work on the dissertation

The MPhil at a Glance…

  Fall Term Winter Term
Year 1:  4 courses  3 courses

Courses include ENGL 800: Professional and Pedagogical Skills + ENGL 803: Research Forum             
Declare Field Examination Area at the end of the Winter Term


  Fall Term Winter Term
Year 2:           

Field Exams       

(+ 1 course)

Publishing Practicum 

(+ 2 courses)

MPhil Admission Requirements:

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts degree with minimum average of B+ (3.3/4.3 GPA)
  • Cumulative minimum average of A- (3.7/4.3 GPA) in 10 full-year English Literature courses (or equivalent)
  • Applicants are expected to have taken courses in most major fields of English literature from the medieval period to the present, and in literary theory.