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G. Whalley Visiting Professorship


"Halifax War Hero Rescues Three When Destroyer Sinks" Sub.-Lieut. A. G. C. Whalley

G. Whalley

The G. Whalley Visiting Professorship was established in 1991 by Mr. Peter Scott and other friends, family and colleagues of the late Dr George Whalley. Dr George Whalley, a former Head of Queen's Department of English (1962–1967, 1977–1982) was an eloquent and forceful spokesman for the arts and humanities. He played a crucial role in the development of the Department and Queen's.

Moreover, as a war hero (awarded a Royal Humane Society Medal for Saving Life at Sea) and as a man of letters of extraordinarily wide interests (a series of CBC broadcasts ranged from poetry to the Canadian arctic, and to philosophy, religion, and global politics), Dr. Whalley became well known across Canada and abroad. He was also a literary scholar and critic of international distinction, known especially for his several books on Samuel Taylor Coleridge and for a celebrated exploration of The Poetic Process.

Dr Whalley made distinguished contributions to the Kingston community, particularly in the foundation of the Kingston Symphony Orchestra, of which he served as President in the period 1963–1970. The G. Whalley Visiting Professorship perpetuates and honours the memory of this extraordinary member of the Queen's and Kingston communities.

The first incumbent of the G. Whalley Visiting Professorship was Helen Tiffin of the University of Queensland in 1996. The professorship was subsequently held by Nicholas von Maltzahn of the University of Ottawa in 2002; and David Clark of McMaster University in 2012.