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Welcome to the Department of English Language and Literature at Queen’s University. This Web site contains complete information about our Undergraduate Plans, degree requirements, course prerequisites, and program thresholds.


Photo: sutdents at QUEUC,Bishop's University in Sherbrooke, Quebec

English Department undergraduates represent Queen's at Quebec Universities English Undergraduate Conference, Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Quebec


Why Study English at Queen’s?


In each year of their studies, our students participate in both lecture and seminar classes, learning not only to analyze texts and to synthesize information, but also to express complex ideas and to frame persuasive arguments. Our award-winning teachers will inspire and guide your development, and you will have the opportunity to share your enthusiasm for literature through a variety of social events organized by the English Departmental Student Council (DSC).

English is one of the most popular subjects at Queen’s. An exit poll among recent English graduates helps explain why. Asked what they gained from their studies in English, our graduates cite the versatility of the degree, and the breadth of skills and knowledge they acquired in pursuing it:

My English degree is one of the most flexible degrees out there. English graduates can go off in a variety of directions and use their verbal, written, and analytical skills to make a case for themselves.”

“The critical thinking skills I learned in English are universally applicable, and this is the best thing a humanist education can offer.”

“English taught me to understand and appreciate human nature, to consider alternative viewpoints, and to express my opinions clearly and with conviction.”

Together, these statements reflect the goals of the English Department at Queen’s: to introduce our students to the literatures of a variety of historical periods and geographical locations while training them to be perceptive readers, incisive thinkers, and effective writers.

Join us!