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Creative Writing I


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This online creative writing course is an introduction to the art of composing fiction and poetry. Students submit independent creative work to the instructor and to their classmates for feedback and read and respond to their classmates' writing. All writing and course materials are shared electronically via OnQ and email. The course is designed to help students write regularly and to enjoy writing. By sharing work in progress, students learn from and support one another and develop critical judgement..


  • The Mind's Eye, by Kevin Clark, Publisher: Pearson Longman.

**Note: Resourses provided in the course modules, e-reserves, and the online postings of student writing will be the primary texts for this course. You will need a good dictionary and thesaurus, and you may find a grammar book helpful.**

**ASO reserves the right to make changes to the required material list as received by the instructor before the course starts. Please refer to the Campus Bookstore website at is external) to obtain the most up-to-date list of required materials for this course before purchasing them.**

**COURSE NOTES: Students will obtain their course notes and assignments from the course onQ site beginning the first day of term**


This course is in an online workshop format, and students are expected to contribute each week. Since this is a workshop and feedback is important, students should plan to be online at least twice a week. Participation in at least 80% of the course is mandatory.

  • Creative writing workshop participation – 50%
  • 5 assignments (10% each) – 50%

** Assessments subject to change**

Note concerning the Creative Writing Workshop: You will post several examples of new, "finished" writing you have done for this course and worked on with care and considerable attention. Writing you submitted to previous workshops or other classes is unacceptable. The page distribution will be as follows:

  • Either: 2 short stories – 5-7 pages each
  • Or: 4 poems – 12 lines or more each (no haiku)
  • Or: 1 short story and 2 poems – lengths as above

These pieces will be posted on-line and the whole class will respond.

Five Assignments:  Five times during the term I will assign you stories to read from your text or poems to read online. You will be expected to write a story or poem of your own along the lines of the work you are reading. These will be seen by me/the TAs and marked. They are separate from the work posted in the workshops and not for the response of your classmates.


  •  (Level 2 or above)


  • CWRI 100/3.0

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