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The Northern World: Vikings and Saxons


This course will introduce students to the early literature of people from three major islands of northwest Europe — Iceland, Ireland, and Britain. The course will pay special attention to interaction among these peoples, both friendly and unfriendly, and to their perception of themselves and their North Sea neighbours as represented in their literature. Works to be read include sagas, myth, epic, tales, and lyrics from all three islands, including Beowulf, Icelandic sagas, and a variety of Welsh and Irish stories and poems. Classes will involve a combination of lecture and discussion.


Assessments will consists of: 

  • Class participation
  • Oral Presentation and Report
  • Essay
  • Exam


  • ENGL 200 and ENGL 290 OR
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.60 or higher and registration in a Medieval plan


Additional information

All texts will be read in translation

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