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English Undergraduate Degree Programs


The Department of English Language and Literature offers three different degree plans of undergraduate study:

At Queen’s, 6.0 units is the equivalent of a year-long course (from September to April), and 3.0 units is the equivalent of a term-long course (from September to December or from January to April).

These Plans differ not only in the number of credits required, but also in other requirements. The following chart summarizes the time span and number of courses necessary to complete an English degree at Queen’s:


Degree Years to Complete Total Units Units in English Elective Units
BA (Hons.) ENGL Major 4 120* 60 54
BA (Hons.) ENGL Medial 4 120* 42 (+42 in another Plan) 30
BA ENGL Minor 3 90 30 60

* 114 units for those students admitted prior to September 2017