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Minor English


Program: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Bachelor of Arts (General)

Plan Code: ENGL-Y (Honours BA) or ENGL-G-BA (General BA)

Requirements: 30.0 ENGL units. When combined with a Major in another subject plus sufficient electives, the Minor leads to a BA (Honours). The Minor, with sufficient electives to total 90 units, is sufficient for a General BA. To qualify for the English Minor, students must distribute their ENGL units according to the following rules.

Minors with a minimum grade of B+ in at least 18.0 previous ENGL units may take 6.0 units at the 300 level, if space permits. Minors are not eligible to take 400-level ENGL courses.


Core Courses    
Core Course 1A 6.0 units in English 100 “Introduction to the Study of Literature”
Core Course 1B 6.0 units in English 200 “History of Literature in English”
Option Courses    
Option Courses 2A 12.0 ENGL units at the 200-level or above Surveys and 200-level courses that focus on specific genres, authors, issues, or themes.
Option Courses 2B 6.0 ENGL units at the 200 level or above or certain courses in other subjects.

Surveys and 200-level courses that focus on specific genres, authors, issues, or themes. Courses in other subjects that may count towards ENGL plans:

CLST 203/3.0, 311/3.0, 312/3.0
CWRI 271/3.0; 272/3.0; 293/3.0, 294/3.0, 295/3.0, 296/3.0, 393/3.0; 394/3.0; 397/3.0; 496/3.0
DRAM 303/3.0, 306/3.0, 381/3.0
FRST 290/3.0
GNDS 335/3.0, 370/3.0, 428/3.0, 432/3.0
IDIS 304/3.0, 305/3.0
INTS 301/3.0, 321/3.0
LING 100/6.0, 202/3.0, 205/3.0, 310/3.0, 320/3.0, 330/3.0, 340/3.0
LLCU 200/3.0, 210/3.0, 215/3.0, 226/3.0, 232/3.0, 233/3.0, 234/3.0, 257/3.0, 301/3.0, 316/3.0, 322/3.0, 340/3.0
PHIL 271/3.0



The Department recommends that Minors take the following number of ENGL units each year:

Year 1: 6.0 100-level units (ENGL100)

Year 2: 6.0–12.0 200-level units

Year 3: 6.0 200-level units

Year 4: 6.0 200-level units + any remaining Option units at the 200 level or above

200-level option courses available to Minors are organized into the following categories: Surveys (201–229), Genre (230–249), Authors in Context (250–269), Issues and Themes (270–289), Theory and Cultural Studies (291–299). It is recommended that students take courses from a range of these categories.