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Welcome to Environmental Studies

Do you know some of the Career Pathways and Employment Opportunities for Environmental Sciences?

Our graduates have entered careers in Academia and Professional Practice in Government and Non-government areas such as:

  • Environmental Protection – water quality
  • Conservation & Preservation of Natural Resources- Forestry, Energy, Natural Resources Management
  • Environmental Sustainability – Education, Communication & Public Awareness, Sustainable Development Management, Policy & Legislation

It is a big decision to return to school. The School of Environmental Studies is incredibly supportive, and we’re fortunate to have access to academics across a wide range of disciplines.

Joanne Linnay, MES 2013

I have a passion. I love being in environmental studies. The program just matched with what I wanted.

Floxy Akhuetie, MES 2013

The academic environment is excellent. The faculty is supportive, and the students are really friendly.

Atanu Sarkar, MES 2010